Hearty beef soup!

My mother was always the best at making soup! We had soup coming out of our ears! The soup she made was always very flavorful. So, in her honor, I am creating beautiful, colorful, flavorful soups to warm your soul. Food is more than just to be eaten.  Food is healing,  food is nourishing,  and by creating deliciously healthy food,  I hope to help others make peace with food.  Many people view food as the enemy.  I know I used to. I want to help change the view on food. The emotional aspects of eating disorders is so deep. It took me many years to confront my deep issues with food. It stems way deeper than I don’t want to gain weight. I want to create a healing cookbook. I’m going to use my grandmother’s recipes and my own creations. With the help of the flavor bible,  I will knock your socks off! A friend of mine that works in the test kitchens at General Mills, told me about this book. It’s fantastic! 

Share my post please! If I’m going to make this successful,  I need to promote it! Thank you in advance!


Suzy homemaker(sort of….)

I had this idea a couple months ago that I was going to make my extracts. My yard has wonderful huge mint plants growing so I didn’t want to let those go to waste. I ran to the liquor store and bought the cheapest vodka I could find. I am going to experiment and see if there is a huge taste difference between the cheapest and the middle of the road vodka. Hindsight, I should have experimented with this batch. Anyway, 2.5 months later I cracked open my bottle to see how it tasted. It was super minty towards the bottom. I decided to scoop out the mint plants and put them in the food processor. They chopped up really well and I put them back to soak in the jar. I will check on it in one month and compare it to the other jar I didn’t touch. Here is my recipe:

I liter of vodka

Quart size mason jars

Freshly grown and washed mint plants


I filled the jar with the mint leaves( ditch the stems) and poured vodka over it. Everything I have read, tells me to make sure you have no plants that are uncovered. If you do, you will get plant rot and that will ruin your whole batch in the jar. I can’t stress that enough. Allow to sit tightly covered in a very dark place where the temperature is even. You don’t want to put it in the sunlight or have it in a cold place. I put mine in the back of my top cupboard. Leave it alone for at least 2 months. I will be doing coffee extracts next!!!!


Amazing things happen here……

Each day we are faced with obstacles. We can choose to deal with them or allow them to consume us. The truth comes out in the end. God has sent angels to help us. We just have to keep our eyes and ears open. Sometimes God chooses to use us to help another person. You have to be willing to help with his plan. We never know what will happen from one moment to another. I do believe in justice and I know in the end, justice will prevail. If not in this life, in the next. One moment your life can seem like it is falling apart and in the next, it changes. The mind is a powerful tool. We all have been gifts and talents from God. Some people choose to ignore them and others choose to share them. I believe you will grow interpersonally if you choose to share them. You really never understand the depth of your actions or the impact you have on another human being.


Family baking traditions!

I started it! I got the kids involved and we baked a up a storm! We made brown sugar melt in your mouth pecan cookies, oatmeal cranberry (pomegranate and blueberry infused), and molasses drop cookies! It was soooooo creating this memory. I’ll be the grandma some day cooking with my grandkids,  telling them stories of cooking in the kitchen with their parents!