Binge watching Christmas movies………..

AS I watch these movies, I wonder do these love tales exist??? I really don’t think that they do. Real life isn’t the movies and that is the problem with watching these. I feel like my expectations are set so high, that it can’t possibly exist. I am not asking for magic, I am just asking for mutual actual love and respect. I have been doing some PT work as a merchandiser, merchandising books. As I read these titles and the premises of e books, I think who writes these things? Then a customer was walking by and started talking to me and saying he wants to write books. He commented on the romance books and I said but they set an unrealistic expectation of what a romantic relationship is. His reply was but women can at least read about it and have it in an intellectual form. So, my question is, does this kind of love actually exist? Actual love. I have been thinking that the only actual love that exists is the that between us and God and the love we have for our children. other than that, I don’t feel like there is no strings attached love.


If you could, would you?

Let’s pretend money doesn’t exist and you don’t need it to survive. What would you choose to do with your time, talents, or job? Yes, some people out there would say that if they didn’t need money, they would not work. Let’s pretend you don’t need money and you do have to work. What would you choose to do with your time? I would get out there and help others see their potential. I would try to build them up so they could see and recognize their talents. I truly believe that we all have something inside us that will help the world. Many negative things people say about others come from lack of self-worth. We do not benefit by trashing others or spreading lies. It is important to remember that we are in this world going through it at our own pace. It is not a race and we all have something to overcome and recognize. With maturity, comes wisdom. Wisdom comes from experiences that are both good and bad and from listening to others. I love speaking to older folks because they have been through tons and they have some good advice.

What would you do for a career or job if money didn’t matter and why?


Ugh! What I’ve heard!

I’ve heard so often lately of female business partners screwing each other over.  Wtf???? Here’s my take on business! 

Rules to live by: 

1. Don’t fuck anyone to get to the top. 

2. Integrity is worth more than money. 

3. Don’t lie about others. 

4. If we all win, we all win! 

5. There can be more than one winner. 

6. Quit putting others down. 

7. Build everyone up.

8. Again,  there is more than 1 winner.  

9. Work hard.  

10. You will have to work hard.  

11. We can learn from everyone!!!!

12. Make sure you put as much in to it as everyone else. 

13. Value others and their effort. 


What’s your goal today? 

I’ve noticed that I need to stay focused when I feel overwhelmed.  I’ve been creating lists for myself and prioritizing.  When I write it down,  it becomes just another task to do,  not some daunting thing I fret over.  I’m not saying lists always work, but they sure help me keep my thinking straight.  This is just a suggestion.  I hope this helps you today.  


God knows….

There are going to be trials in this world.  There are going to be bumps in the road. Remember,  in the end it’s between u and God. So,  the shit that happened today, yesterday,  last year only matters in this regard; how did you handle it? What did you do? Did you treat them the way they treated you? In the end, we are responsible for our own actions.  You own nothing in this world except your actions.