Apologize? For what?

10997514_10205270653118620_3999974275813258956_nHave you noticed Americanized women apologize for every little thing, even if it is something they didn’t do? I went last week to get my gel nail polish changed at a local salon. I had an hour to kill before serving ice cream at my kid’s school. I pulled up, walked in, chose my nail polish color, and sat down. All of the workers there are Vietnamese so they are always speaking their native tongue( I know they are talking about us! lol) A woman in the pedicure chair began her pedicure with an apology upon sitting down. Her words were “I am sorry for the way my feet look.” Another woman two chairs down from me said she was sorry for the condition of her nails. When I was at Target, I caught myself saying sorry when someone said excuse me to get passed me in the shampoo isle. My daughters always out of habit say sorry, even when it’s not something to be sorry about. Why do we do this? What about us do we have to apologize for? Are we doing this as some sort of putting a feeler out there to not offend or just be accepted by the other person? Is this a lack of confidence or just a knee jerk reaction? Woman have to stop apologizing for things that they shouldn’t be sorry for. I believe this action gets in the way of true success. Our brains are thinking in a different mode and it is getting in the way of going after your dreams. Be unapologetic when it comes to your looks, your drive, your talent. We should only apologize when we wrong someone. Looking at shampoo at Target is nothing to be sorry about. I need to break the habit myself and stop apologizing for things out of my control. If you didn’t wrong someone, you don’t need to apologize. Make peace with whatever part of you is holding you back and move forward full speed to your true calling. Let’s break that cycle of apologizing so our kids grow up confident and happy. You are beautiful and talented. Think about the positive aspects of yourself and carry those feelings with confidence!!!!!