Let’s start a toss the scale movement!


I started working out seriously again before my knee surgery in February 2015. When I hurt my knee jumping with my kids at Skyzone, I realized I needed to be making my body stronger. I needed to get back into shape. I have always had a weird view of my body. I am sure most people can relate to the ups and downs of crash dieting, spurts of gym commitment, and just an overall sense of self-disapproval. I have been talking myself into working out, until I started to see results. At first, I couldn’t see any results and I was easily discouraged. I had to talk myself out of my negative feelings and just throw those thoughts away. Something was different this time around. My brain was not thinking about getting stick skinny(Healthy is sexy). I was thinking about getting stronger. Shaping my body’s chassis. I weighed myself at the beginning of this journey and I was 204. I can’t even believe I posted that! This morning I was 186. I fit into a dress I hadn’t worn in 3 years and I felt amazing. I have lost a total of 18 inches and replaced fat with muscle. The scale is the worst invention ever! I looked at a naked picture of me the other day and I would never have guessed the girl in the photo had a larger number associated with her weight. I felt proud of the photo and that is saying a lot! Diets will totally make you fat! Eat balanced meals, drink a ton of water, and move! I eat high protein, high fat nuts. Protein with every meal is my motto! I drink 120oz of water per day, and I have been to the gym almost everyday this month! Fat is melting off! I am back in my 10’s and I want to go back down to my 6-8. My husband told me that 4 years ago when I was 145 pounds and a size 4, that I was too skinny. I will trust him on his opinion and make sure I stay healthy looking by losing the weight without stimulants! Don’t beat yourself up mentally! Your body will cooperate and get healthy as soon as you change your thought process and be nice to yourself.