Food for thought!

Helping one another is a choice we choose to make or choose not to make every day. We are all in this world together. I hear so many people complain about the condition of this fallen world. My question to them is “What are you doing to improve this world?” Some folks say there is nothing they can do and some folks will rattle off a few things they do. I have noticed a pattern with the constant complainers. All they do is complain! The people who are more positive seem to make time to assist others whenever they can. Positive and Negative thoughts have an impact on how we perceive the world around us. If we filter our thoughts through a negative lens, we are more inclined not to notice how we can help others because we are so focused on what is not going right in our lives. If we see through a more positive lens, finding solutions to our problems is that much easier. Helping others is fun. Helping someone else out, always helps me see what I am blessed with in my own life. Yes, life isn’t perfect for me, I struggle every single day to get up and get going. I wake up and thank the good lord for allowing me to be here. For allowing me to shine light on this world. I truly believe there are more good people in this world, than bad. I look for the everyday heroes. Go out, shine your light, be yourself, don’t be worried about what others think of you, and do your best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a super fabulous day my lovelies:)

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