The art of volunteering

What is volunteering anyway? Why do we volunteer? What’s in it for us?

Here are my feelings on volunteering. When I hear people say they are not fulfilled or they are bored, I always say you don’t volunteer enough! Can you hear the crickets in the room yet? Volunteering has enriched my life. We are so busy in this fast paced world that we just don’t stop to see what is happening around us. We can be so busy that every minute of our day is filled with some sort of activity, yet, we don’t feel whole or fulfilled. I have felt this way before. I have discovered the art of volunteering. Helping others helps me to feel gratitude, happiness, compassion, and the list goes on. I look at spending some of my precious time giving it to someone else for someone else’s benefit, as time well spent. Giving my time and talent towards someone who cannot repay me back feels good. The feelings that flood my body are so intense. I see the good in my life. I see the good in this world. I see through a more positive lens. So, the next time you feel you are unfulfilled, call up an organization that you are passionate about, and spend 2 hours taking the focus off of yourself and putting it on others. Beware! Volunteering is addicting!