Life, Death, and Poverty

This last week has been emotionally difficult for me. There have been a lot of changes and just built up stress put me in tears two days ago. I have been thinking, what do we take from this life when we leave? We can’t take the money, other people, our belongings……What do I really own? I drew a huge blank when I asked myself that question. What do I really own? The only answer I could come up with are my actions. I own my actions. What I physically do is what I own. I own the consequences of those actions, good and bad. I get to take those moments with me when I leave this Earth. Do I want to leave with lots of these moments or am I going to leave empty handed? That is up to me, that is up to you.  There are many forms of poverty. This form of poverty is something we can control. It has nothing to do with money or material things. When I eventually die( I hope I am well over 90!) I don’t want to leave empty. I want to leave with a full heart. I want to be able to take all those precious moments with me. I really feel that what we do here will impact our existence when we leave time and space. I don’t know what is next, since I haven’t experienced it yet, but I do know, if I am generous here and now, I will be that much better off later. I don’t do any of this for the glory on the Earth. I do it because I want to.

Have a beautiful day!


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