What is L-O-V-E?

What is love? Well if you ask 10 people, you are likely to get 10 different answers. We all have our opinions and ideas of what love is. If you google the word love, there are 5,460,000,000 results. To me, love is more than just a feeling, it is a choice. How do I choose to love? When it comes to my kids, I try to provide food, clothing, and shelter for them. I also believe love is spending time with them. Giving our time is so important. It is simple and the most over looked gift we can provide. Time is something you will never ever get back. We also do not know how much of it we truly have. Time is precious and when we give our time, we are giving up a lot. I feel that time is undervalued by a lot of folks out there. I challenge you to look at time through a different lens. How do you choose to Love? How do you choose to spend your time?

Enjoy your pumpkin flavored everything today!