The most precious things in my life….

I got up super early this morning feeling rested and wide awake. I decided to just start cleaning my house since it was quiet and the kids were not up yet. As I picked up dirty socks, dishes, and art scraps I couldn’t help but think. I live with a bunch of silly children who can be slobs. Those silly children are so precious and dear to me. A friend of mine lost her son this week. It was sudden and it really hit home to me, that no matter what my house looks like, I have those dear children in my life. No amount of laundry, toothpaste left in the sink, clothes on the floor, or art scraps scattered around the house will make me ever wish them away. The most precious things I have ever gotten from my kids are their homemade presents. Those presents make me smile. The joy on their faces as they presented me with those handmade items, I will always remember and cherish forever. I watched as my daughter Nadia as she slept yesterday. She stayed home from school not feeling well. I suggested she go back to sleep and the question she immediately asked me was “Can I watch TV in your bed?” My answer was of course yes. She never turned the TV on before she fell asleep. She looked so peaceful in my bed. I know that feeling of comfort and security of laying in your mom’s bed. As I watched her sleep for a few moments, I said a prayer of thanks. I was so grateful to experience being a mother and being entrusted with these 5 little lives. Life gets hard and I just have to remember what is truly important. These are the moments I live and die for.

Have a blessed day my lovelies!


The kids have put these items on the top shelf of this bookcase so I can see them. This is the most priceless art in the world! I am blessed to have the originals and the only ones!

image1 image12 unnamed

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