/pərˈspektiv/ What is it? What does it mean?


Perspective is the attitude or way of regarding a point of view. How do we get this point of view? Well, life and experiences teach us lessons that we use to gain perspective. I am an avid reader. I also like to learn things. So, if I come across a subject I am not familiar with, I research it and learn more about it. I am absolutely convinced that the more we learn and teach ourselves the better off we will be. When it comes to finding solutions to a problem or just trying to sort out facts about a situation, we rely heavily on what we know, what our experiences have been with this situation or similar. Knowledge truly is power. Staying ignorant is not an option if you really want to reach a higher level of thinking. You have to exercise your brain. I have always loved brain puzzles. My cousins and I came up with the most ridiculous games when we were little. Guess what? We all still laugh about them and can remember them. The games we came up with and played were all about strategy. At the time, we just thought they were fun. I look at kids these days and it seems everyone including 3 year olds are on technology. I am not convinced that this is a good idea. My kids bother me all the time about when can they get a phone. I didn’t have a phone until Nadia was almost born and that was 7 years ago! I see evidence that our society is becoming so disconnected with actual conversation. I get it, we are all busy, but, are we busy doing mindless things? How do we truly spend our time? Catching up on FB isn’t actually connecting. There is something to be said about turning the pages in an actual book vs an E-book. There is also something to be said for actual conversation with a real person right in front of you, making you laugh. I have found myself guilty of checking FB a million times a day. As human beings we crave attention and company with others. It is my perspective that we need to take the time to actually connect on a deeper level with others. Try it, take the challenge. Call someone up and spend time with them. Make that deeper connection.

Have a fun filled day!