Stress. Kick it!

I went to the gym for the second day in a row~ That might not seem like such an accomplishment, but for me it is. This year was full of changes. Lots of changes that flipped my world upside down. Do you ever feel so stressed out that you are too stressed out to deal with your stress? Yeah, that was me. I quit my job in January and I was going to start a different job the following week, which I did. Here is the kicker. I felt guilty for working 60 hours a week( at my previous position) and not being there for the kids, so 4 days after starting my new gig, I took the kids to Skyzone since I had a Groupon. Fifteen minutes into us jumping I saw this man jumping really high. I was having fun and I wanted to experience that too. So I got my arms involved and pictured myself super high. All of a sudden I am super high! Then as I bounced up and looked down, I saw Nadia looking at me with this look of fear on her face. Suddenly, I felt funny and everything was in slow motion. My brain was heightened and processing so fast, things slowed down just enough for me to realize this isn’t going to be pretty. I came down, landed, and my left knee blew out from underneath me. I was in shock! I tried to get up and I just collapsed. I was holding my knee laying there with my face buried in the trampoline. Skyzone doesn’t handle injury well at all. Fast forward through my horrible experience there, I couldn’t go back to work. Heck, I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom! I had ACL replacement surgery with a cadaver Achilles tendon a month later. I wasn’t able to go back to work for a long time. I got so scared I wouldn’t walk again properly, that I began working my knee out before and after my surgery. I stocked up on pain medication the first 10 days to help me get through my exercises. Three days after my surgery I was walking. I went to the gym everyday and my knee got stronger. The doctor was amazed and shocked. He asked me what I was doing, and I told him. Technically, the things I was doing, I shouldn’t have been. They thought I would wreck the surgery. Guess what? My knee healed faster and is stronger than it should be! Anyway, I launched my skincare line since I was laid up on the couch. Then my husband got laid off in May. This whole summer was mentally difficult for me and I fell off of the workout wagon. As soon as the kids got out of school at the end of May, I just didn’t and couldn’t push myself to go to the gym. I was so preoccupied with money issues, I let it ruin me. One day off became 6 days, then 2 months, and we all know what happens after that. The simplest tasks seemed impossible and I couldn’t think. Anyway, I have been working on handling my stress and I started with my diet. I lost 4.4 pounds in the last 8 days and I have the motivation now to kick my booty. When I workout, I feel better. I feel happier. I missed my peeps at the gym. Although, I didn’t think they would notice that I wasn’t there. Today, I had 6 strangers say welcome back! I smiled and told them to have a super fabulous day! You just never know your impact you have on others. One lady said she missed my smile. That felt good. I am going to be working out every day and remembering what it feels like to be so stressed I can’t think. That way, when I say I can skip working out today, I will not skip. Take care of yourself. You are too important not to!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!