What is the source of your own happiness?

I have been pondering this question for years. It seemed no matter what I had or who I was with I was not “happy”. Then I realized, I can’t expect anyone to make me happy. I am not happy because I am not at peace with myself. There were things that I had not forgiven myself for. I have heard the question from many people, “how can I forgive myself?” Honestly, doing that is the hardest obstacle to hurdle. Forgiving yourself means letting go of pain, hurt, suffering that you endured. Forgiving others is almost easier than forgiving oneself. We are our biggest critics. We are harder and more mean to ourselves than any one enemy could be to us. I am amazed at how we allow ourselves to talk to ourselves. It is awful. If we said out loud what we think on a daily basis to someone else, we would be so appalled. So, why do we allow ourselves to do this? It is easy to think negatively. It is easy to be mean to ourselves. We may feel like we deserve the punishment for things in the past. No amount of punishment you put on yourself is going to change the past. You have to break the cycle of nonsense and love yourself. When you accept yourself and allow yourself to be you, you will truly break those chains free. Until then, you are a slave to your feelings. No one deserves punishment for the rest of their lives. You have paid greatly already for your sins. Let it go. Truly let it go! Be yourself. Love yourself. As soon as you do that, your real light will shine!

Shine bright my friends!


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10 thoughts on “What is the source of your own happiness?

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    1. Hello!
      I would absolutely love to give you feedback! I am so glad you are moving forward. It isn’t easy. It is work. I have realized the harder things are, the better the results. I thought years ago I had forgiven myself, but I really hadn’t. My weight fluctuated so badly, I had headaches, I was feeling depressed one minute and up another. It wasn’t until I really got down to the root of my problems, took responsibility for my actions, and actually forgave myself did I start to grow. I will follow your blog! Thank you so much for interacting with me and for sharing your thoughts. You are valuable! xoxxoxoxo

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      1. Yep! That is what I did. I would write my thoughts down and pretend I was writing a book of my life. Then I really started to uncover things. It is amazing the stuff you uncover with your own thoughts. Be nice to yourself, say nice things, because you are always listening……

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      2. Praying, exercising, and trying to give yourself time to think is important. I am so glad that you found what works for you. I am so happy for you. I really am. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts and feelings. I value it and 🙂


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