Greed. Pride. Revenge.

I am amazed( I shouldn’t be) at what someone will do for money, power, or just out of pure pride. It is interesting what happens to a family after the grandparents die. I thought we had a solid-ish kind of family. For years we would go to my grandparents house and have family get togethers just because. The cousins would play, the family would engage in pointless discussions with my grandpa, and my grandma would provide beautiful meals for the family to enjoy. My grandma dies and then 9 months later my grandpa dies. What happens to the family? Everyone takes sides and fights over land. Of all things, LAND! I am of the opinion that a person should not burn bridges over stupid things, that in the grand scheme of things, really doesn’t matter. Now this land is being sold behind my mother’s back. I found out and told her about it just before the time it is supposed to close. It amazes me what some people will do. You sure see how black a person’s heart is when money is more important than relationships. Money comes and goes. You can always earn more money, but, when words are said and actions are taken to do something horrible like cheat another, these things are really hard to earn back. I have always told my kids, if you are stuck on the moon by yourself, don’t forget your manners. I say this because once we stop doing the right or nice thing, it is easy to fall into the wrong pattern and not do the right or nice thing. I was at my cousin’s house yesterday and found all of this stuff out. When I was there, my daughter Athena and I felt a strange presence/feeling. A negative feeling. Maybe we felt my grandpa? I find it to be strange that I found this out days before the closing. We just never know what forces are at play. My moral of this story is, take the high road. Even if someone is not being nice and taking advantage of you, you always have a choice. How you react to a situation is what shows the world your character. My lesson learned is now we know what these people are like and we can do the opposite. It still hurts and sucks, but, we have to look ourselves in the mirror everyday. Do you like what you see? If not, figure out how to change it. An evil heart will make any pretty face look ugly. Revenge, deceit, and greed will never get you anything. It is not worth losing your soul over such petty things.

Have a wonderful day!