Life is precious

Life really is precious. Some people see everyday as a blessing and some see it as a curse. I woke up this morning with the worst feelings ever. I had the most messed up dream. Here is my dream:

I am crawling through these tunnels that have this brown and orange short pile 1970’s carpet. I have no idea where I am going or what is at the end of this maze. The ceiling is very low. I can’t sit up or I will hit my head. The maze goes up, down , and around. I am belly crawling. I am feeling scared but at the same time I am very curious where I am going to end up. As I approach what I view as the end, the ceiling gets higher. This reminds me of something out of Willy Wonka. As I am going to exit this maze, a man and a woman are entering it from what I think is the exit. They looked apprehensive but joyful. As I exit, I step into this little run down shack. It looks like a playhouse that is maybe the size of a 6×8 foot shed. There are tools hanging up, cobwebs, and it looks abandoned. There is a flat screen TV on the wall and under it the sign reads “The scariest part of the movie is the survey at the end.” Weird I thought. Then I see a door that is rickety. I try to open it and it only opens to a point. There is a board that keeps it from opening. I see the outside and I know I definitely don’t want to go back into that maze again. I try harder to get the door open, thinking I can get it just enough to slip out. I was successful. I looked out the door and saw the University where I thought I started was just down the road. I look down and there is a crate with what I thought was a doll. A real looking doll. I stared at it longer and then I see the eyes move. My heart felt like it was racing. I looked around and there were people hanging out across road. Some of them were staring at me. I yelled, “help me! There is a baby left in this crate!” No one came. I could hear mumbled words. I looked at the baby, approximately 3 months old, to assess if I should pick him up. I didn’t know if there was anything broken. His brown eyes looked at me in pain. I picked him up and noticed there was a blanket in the crate. He was in a sitting up position just discarded. I held him and started to wrap the blanket around him. It was dreary and cold out. Then all of a sudden, out of the blue, this man comes and takes the blanket saying he was going to give it to his other children and this baby didn’t deserve it. I was horrified. I felt like he was the father. He had this beard/mustache, his eyes were dark, and he looked mean. I knew I needed to rescue this kid. As I turned around and began to cover this kid with my blazer I was wearing, a woman’s voice began speaking. I heard her say ” Jason has been being mean to him because he is disabled.” I knew at that point she discarded her baby. I could feel the hurt in her voice but on the other hand, how could she do something like this? I didn’t look back. I looked down running and held the baby so close to me as I told him I was going to keep him safe. I started running to the hospital.

I woke up feeling horrible. I wanted that baby! I also couldn’t believe someone would throw a baby away! I am of the opinion all life needs to be regarded as precious. I am praying for all those kids who live in fear and are being abused. As adults, we are in charge of these children. If you know a child is being abused or neglected, do something! We need to be the voice and strength for these helpless little beings. As a society, we need to help others, especially the children.  My heart aches……………

Do good today!


girl sad-child sad-child-on-stairs