Change your mind. Change your body. Change your life.

I have embarked on a change my life journey. What that includes is how I deal with stress, other people, my professional and personal life, and my body. For the past 16 days I have been to the gym working my tail off. Getting to the gym was a huge mental challenge for me. I had fallen off the workout “bandwagon” again. Two months ago if you would have told me I would go to the gym without fail and like it, I would have told you that isn’t going to happen. A couple weeks ago I was in a picture and when it was taken, I did not like it at all. My thoughts were, if you don’t like it, do something about it! Easier said than done, but my motivation was different this time. I had been feeling kind of cloudy in my thinking, lazy, and overwhelmed. Instead of coming up with solutions to my bad feelings, I came up with excuses. I have been wearing my Heart rate monitor every day. this has really helped me stay motivated. The featured image of my HR monitor are calories burned in 15 hours.  The last 16 days, I have noticed these changes:

  1. Instant energy
  2. feelings of euphoria
  3. no daily headaches
  4. more sleep
  5. I am hydrated
  6. I lost 5 inches off my abdomen
  7. my legs feel stronger
  8. my arms are more toned
  9. my skin is brighter
  10. my overall attitude is less stressed
  11. other people have noticed the physical changes
  12. my daughter is exercising with me now
  13. my ring isn’t tight anymore
  14. I am not as overwhelmed feeling
  15. I am able to focus more

Look at your life. My brain had to change. Once that changed my body followed. I feel more confident and happy. Today I didn’t want to go workout. I almost skipped but then decided I liked how I felt and have been feeling better, so I went anyway! Here is the view of my machine! At the end of the workout, I burned 590 calories in just 50 minutes. Push yourself! You will be happy you did.


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    1. Completely incredible! I feel already like I can conquer the world! When the body is working properly and you are feeding it good nutrition, it’s amazing what you can accomplish! Keep it up Madeline!

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