Potential. What is it?


What does it mean to have potential? We all have it. We have all heard the phrase “you have potential.” Seriously, what is it?  The definition of potential, if we use it as an adjective, is having the capacity to become or develop into something in the future. If we identify the word as a noun, it is defined as latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness, according to Google.

So, when someone says we have potential, is that to be taken as a common phrase or do they really see something deeper in us? We all technically have potential. Some of us have less and some of us have more. As I try to figure out why I am here and what the heck it is I am good at, I think about other people. How do they identify and develop their talents. I believe there are people out there who look at us from a unique perspective that we don’t see. We can’t see their perspective because we have years of us, looking at ourselves from a foggy lens. Many of us see ourselves as the different labels that have been given to us from peers and those who are older than ourselves. It interests me how others look at themselves. So, I went digging. I clicked on various posts on the internet. Some were about fitness, some were about general topics, and some were about daily life. The common theme I noticed from women were, they would give their opinion and put themselves down in the process. It was as if, they were afraid of giving their opinion because they were not sure of what others were going to say. It is almost as if they bracing themselves for backlash or a put down comment. We all have potential. We all are capable of amazing things! We don’t allow ourselves the room to grow and be great. Try to change the negative thoughts you are thinking about yourself. Embrace your goofiness, uniqueness, and laugh. It is ok if you make mistakes. That is how we learn and grow. Masterpieces are created by accident. The artist keeps adding to the picture and then at the end, it may look nothing like he/she envisioned it. It is better! The artist gave themselves permission to make mistakes, add to the painting, and not follow a rigid set of rules. You are a human being with feelings. You bleed like everyone else. DO NOT limit your potential with your preconceived notions of who you view yourself as, through the eyes of the naysayers. Imagine what would happen if you worked on what speaks to you? Life is not set in stone. You can be that masterpiece that is created through many experiences and additions. Create you! Do what speaks to you and quit limiting yourself! Unlock your greatness!

Embrace the notion of change! Love yourself!


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