The Melody of Life….

I have been thinking about life, its components, and what we really don’t know about life lately. I have had dreams of time travel, not in the sense of going back in time, but in the sense of jumping from one reality to another through changing vibrations. I had a dream awhile ago where this man, who looked human, was telling me it was possible to bend time and space so there is a straight line. He was about to tell me how to do it, but then I woke up. I do think it is possible. I do believe others have done it and are doing it. If we look at the Earth, the people on it, the sounds we hear, the light we see, we will start to notice patterns. Each living being emits light energy. We can see that through devices that see infrared. So we can’t dispute energy. I also believe that based on a person’s spiritual level( I am not talking about religion here) that each person emits a frequency that can’t be heard with our ears but we can feel it with our body.  Have you ever stood next to someone and something didn’t feel right? You didn’t have to exchange words to feel funny. That is what I am referring to when I talk about spiritual energy. You have heard of others referring to one’s aura right? That is the light around them that they emit based on their  level of their spiritual self. I have contemplated the meaning of life numerous times. I really believe the meaning of life is to use this physical world to reach a heightened level of spiritual self. We do that through being selfless, through helping others, through becoming detached from material things. If we are bound by earthly desires, earthly treasures, how can one reach a heightened level of spirituality? I am still trying to figure this all out. I believe the more we practice truly selfless acts for the sake of elevating others( not for personal gain and recognition) is when we start to transform our souls. What if when we die, we go to another level of life? Maybe heaven has many levels based on the condition of the soul? For those who have said reincarnation exists, maybe it doesn’t exist for everyone. Maybe those who have truly mastered raising their spiritual level go to a high level of heaven where they don’t need to use the Earth to continue to try to achieve higher spiritual levels? I am just throwing ideas out into the universe. I also have wondered if those who have reached a truly high level of spiritual growth, maybe they do come back just to guide us and help us. I believe that we can raise our vibrations and shake the current fabric of this reality. I also believe it is possible to go into a slightly different reality based on the higher frequency we emit. Maybe that higher frequency will open up other opportunities or outcomes of our decisions. You just never know. The more positive I am and the more true love feelings I feel for the world, I noticed I can come up with more creative solutions for each decision I have to make. Maybe that is other realities coming into existence for me because I changed the radio station( analogy) with my frequency level? Lots to think about. We all have a frequency we emit which makes up the  melody of life. Do some research for yourself. Get curious. Think on a higher level. You gain through knowledge and information. Be open to the possibilities. There is so much we just don’t know……



Thinking outside the box.

What does it truly mean to “think outside the box?” We hear this term all the time. Does it mean to have unconventional thought? Be creative in your solutions for an obstacle? I still don’t know. Here are my thoughts.  I feel like thinking outside the box means to think find solutions that most people will not ever have “pop” into their head. In order to get to that level of thinking, you have be training your brain. I believe that training your brain means learning new things everyday. If you don’t exercise, your body begins to deteriorate, much like your brain. I have taken this concept to heart and everyday when I wake up.  I am grateful for the day and I contemplate what is it I am going to learn today. In the past, I would wake up and think about the mountain of things I needed to get done that I didn’t finish the day before. I felt absolutely buried and defeated and I hadn’t even stepped onto my two feet yet! There really needs to be some order to chaos, if that makes any sense?! When I wasn’t cognizant of my surroundings, my goals, and my desires, I felt alone and overwhelmed. I was always focusing on what I didn’t do rather than what I did accomplish. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you have the right outlook. The right attitude soon follows  with the correct thinking.  You have to hone your thoughts toward your goals. To hone something means to sharpen, refine, or perfect. You cannot do this if you are in the habit of passive thinking. I just made up the phrase passive thinking….LOL  To clarify what I mean by the phrase passive thinking, passive thinking is going along with, not giving much thought to, or not thinking with intentional thought. Believe it or not, active thinking takes skills! To be an active thinker, you have to work on those skills. You need to be ready to use that noodle of yours to think unconventionally. The human brain is the most powerful asset you own. If you don’t want to do something, you won’t. There are so many people out there that just believed in themselves so much that they accomplished so much with so little. If you don’t believe in yourself, then why should anyone else?


How do you know?

As I observe and listen to my friend’s lives, I ask myself how do we know what to do in certain situations. What do humans do when they are unsure of something? Most of us I have observed, go to someone for help or advice. Some people bury the pain and suffering without reaching out. We all handle grief and crisis in our own way. How do you know what to do for someone? I’ve asked myself this over and over for years. For many years, and still sometimes, I am the type of person that will retreat inside myself. I will hide how I feel and I will continue on confused as ever. It wasn’t until 5 years ago or so that I began to reach out to certain people that I truly trusted, even that was hard. I don’t like to cry in front  of others, I don’t like attention in that way. The older I get, the more advice I hear, and the more I observe others. I am not an expert in psychology but I can empathize. Empathy is a huge gift in my eyes. If you can try to put yourself in the shoes of another, see through their eyes, and try to feel what they are feeling, you will be a much better listener for them. I preach about love and compassion all the time. It is not always easy to love everyone, but showing compassion is so important. We don’t know what others need. We aren’t perfect or experts on feelings. You don’t have to be perfect for anyone. That is what makes us special. Our faults, our failures, our mistakes. These experiences will shape us if we allow them to. If we learn from our mistakes and failures to become a better person, we will be able to help those around us. I always look to those who are older than me when I seek answers. They have lived longer and have experienced more things/situations. I feel the best way you can be there for someone who is hurting or in crisis is to let them know you are there. Send sweet messages to them, even if they don’t respond. We all grieve in different ways. Be a friend and an ear. You just never know when you will need the same. Just knowing someone is there for you is sometimes comfort enough, even if words are never exchanged. Our pain and suffering will make us better souls. Be open to change. Be open to your heart growing. Be compassionate. You truly do not know the impact you have on another human being. Joy is found through suffering. There is no way to understand something if you have nothing to compare it to. Embrace pain, find the positives, use those experiences to be a better person. This will help you learn to appreciate more in life.




It really is the thought that counts!

I hear all the time, “it’s the thought that counts!” It really is the thought that counts. Behind every action is intention. Is the intention to harm, to be good, to help? When someone gives a present to another, it isn’t about what they give or what you get. The value does not lie within the gift itself. The value is what that person is also giving. They are giving themselves. They took the time to go get the gift, pay for it, and present it to the receiver. All of those actions are valuable. The thought process involved with thinking about the receiver and wanting to do something nice for them is intentional. Spending money on the gift is also valuable, not because of the amount of money spent, but because of what that money represents. The money is an exchange of their time that they gave up to earn it. The giver spent time doing a task that paid them money. That time they spent, they can never ever get back. The value lies within the time they gave up. Then taking more time out of their lives to present the gift. The next time you receive a gift, take the time to be thoughtful in return. Thank the giver for their intention. Feel special because the giver values you enough to think about you and do something nice for you. That is what love is. Love is selfless. Love in unconditional. Love is what this world needs. It is not about what you give or how much it cost, it is about being selfless. It is about intention. I am so grateful when someone has gone out of their way to be nice to me. I put so much value on that. I hear many people feeling stressed every Christmas because they go into debt to buy things for others. Don’t go into debt. That is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about giving in many ways. We don’t always have money for things. I have been teaching my kids that making other people happy and helping them is more important than a physical present. Helping someone in need does something to your soul. It makes an individual feel fulfilled, burn with a fire that can’t be extinguished. Every Christmas we serve food to those in need at the Union Gospel Mission. My kids have felt so good about that and they look forward to doing it every year. My kids, even the youngest who is 7, said we don’t care if we get presents momma, we are happy about serving food again this year. Thank you for doing that with us. My 11 year old told me he was excited to serve again too. He said he didn’t care at all about presents. This made me tear up and it made my heart happy. Creating these experiences with them and teaching them through example, is more valuable than anything. These kids are so advanced in how they view the world. They have hearts so big I can barely comprehend it. I am so proud of them. Go out in this world and teach children how to give the gift of themselves. Teach them that there is something greater than themselves. This world is a big place and when we forget or don’t care about others, the world becomes very lonely.

Prejudice. No words…..

The world is bombarded every second with so many disgusting stories displaying some sort of injustice towards another human being or animal. I am convinced the only reason the media exists is to inform us what they want us to know and lead us to feel a certain way based on the stories they leak to us. The whole world is aware of ISIS and the other terrorists groups that scare everyone into either submission or rage. As we walk down the street and we see someone dressed in a hijab(headscarf) or a niqab(face veil), we are programmed to shy away from them; to be scared of them based on their appearance. Now put yourself in their shoes. You are walking down the street feeling awkward because everyone you pass either scowls at you, looks you up and down, or crosses the street so they don’t have to pass you. How the heck would you feel?????? I am disgusted that we paint every Muslim as a terrorist. I am disgusted that we persecute Christians. I am disgusted that we make assumptions based on skin color, economic class, or sex. There are so many wonderful people we pass up talking to, doing business with, or becoming friends with because we pass judgment based on looks and false realities. We need to stop watching the news and go out and be friendly to everyone. Smile! Smile! Smile! I passed a group of Muslim women the other day at the airport. As they approached me, I looked at their faces, I observed their body language, I listened to their voices. What I observed was they were speaking quietly in their native tongue, they were not smiling, they were keeping a low profile, eyes pointed slightly down, and they were walking briskly. I can only imagine how they felt, what they thought, what their impressions of everyone else around them were. As they approached where I was standing, I smiled at them. I made eye contact. I said “Hello, how are you?” Here is what I observed after my greeting. They looked up, looked me in the eyes, their facial expressions softened, several women smiled at me, their pace was slower, one woman said “hello, I am fine, how are you?” I answered, “I’m fabulous!” All of the women of the group looked at me and smiled. I can only imagine how they were feeling based on their body language and facial expressions. This isn’t rocket science people! Be a decent human being. Don’t treat others unfairly. Be just and compassionate. Above all, LOVE one another. Love is the force that can’t be measured. I guarantee in the absence of it, you will feel it. I guarantee that when you have it, you won’t want to live without it. Love crushes the darkness. Love crushes evil. Loving someone in the most basic form by displaying respect for human dignity. LOVE will move mountains. Think of a time you felt like absolute crap. A time where you were lonely. A time you felt completely rejected. Now go back to what helped you get out of that funk. I am sure it was love and hope in some form. We need to feel accepted. We need to be loved. We need to feel good. All of us human beings have that in common. Now that you are aware of that little secret, go out and spread love throughout the world. You will open doors you never imagined were possible. You cannot grow as a human being if you limit your brain to small thinking. Think BIG! Think about life. LIVE it. LOVE it. Form friendships and deeper connections. I cannot stress this enough! I want to shout it from the rooftops. Most of us have seen that video on YouTube with the guy that got stuck on the train platform. The commuters all worked together to rock the train forward to free the man. Can you imagine if someone said, “hey wait, I am not sure if we should do this, what if that man doesn’t believe in the same things I believe in?” Can you imagine! I can’t. They all reached deep into their souls and saved that soul who was in need of help. That is love in its most basic form. Here is the link: Please like and share. This message is very important!


We hear the word desire throughout our lives. Have you ever just said a word over and over and then it starts to sound funny? I have and then I think deeper about that word. What does it mean to have desire or to desire something? I like to look up definitions and get clarity when I am thinking about these types of things. So the definition according to Google is:


1. a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.


1.strongly wish for or want (something).

The interesting aspect of desire is that it really doesn’t invoke action. Just by the definition alone, we know in order for something to happen we need to act on that desire. You can sit all day long and wish for something to happen, but it will never happen by pure thought. The desire or wish for something to happen is the fire that we feel. If you desire something enough, the fire will create action. Without action, you are just daydreaming.  Some folks will daydream and wish the universe to just let whatever it is they want fall in their lap. Life does not work this way. You have to be willing to take risks and suffer some heartache to get what it is you desire. We have all heard the “greater the risk, the greater the reward.” I am of the opinion that is not always the case. Don’t be stupid in your decisions. Take calculated risks. Think things through first, then take action toward making that desire a reality. If you want something bad enough and you are willing to put time and energy into getting it, you will achieve your goals. It doesn’t happen overnight. Building things takes time. If you don’t start now in trying to get it, you will just continue to daydream and never have it.



What does it mean to have passion? What is passion? I googled the definition of passion and this is what I found.  “Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.” When I think about that definition, I still am not clear on what passion is and what it means. I hear people say all the time “live your life with passion.”

What drives you?

For years I have pondered what my passion is. The same concept keeps surfacing in my mind; help others in any way I can. What I do is I try to live my life with passion through serving others. By serving others, I am fulfilling my need to help. I have found so much gratitude in serving others. It is not their gratitude I found, but mine. As I go through this life, I realize that beauty is all around me. People will come and go in my life, but the beauty I see never diminishes. There are many rough times in my life that I wanted to throw in the towel and just give up. That is normal to feel. Part of the decision to not give up stems from my curiosity of what is around the corner. By nature I am curious and investigative. If I gave up, then I would never know what is about to happen. That curiosity has fueled me to keep going. As I meet others and hear their stories, my desire to give to those around me increases. We can either go through this life as a zombie, a self-centered person, or someone with passion to make this place we call Earth better. You may think that your actions don’t matter, that your opinion doesn’t count, but it does! Just think if everyone started to help someone out, change their own attitude, and see things around them through a servant’s lens! The individual’s perspective will begin to change. They will start to feel that deep burning fire from within. That fire is passion. That fire is what makes us move without concern for ourselves. The times when I have been so disappointed and let down, I was coming from a very self-centered thought pattern. What about me? It isn’t about what I get for me, it is about what I can give to others. Give from the heart. Your gift may not always be accepted or appreciated. Don’t take that personally. The actions of the other individual are based on their reality, not yours. We all are at different stages of growth and some people are just not there yet. Continue to do things for others and live with passion. Your life will feel so much richer because of it!