It’s complicated…….

Life is just absolutely crazy. I feel like in general, most people get caught up in the little things and they forget to see the big picture. I get the day to day struggles. Sometimes, the burden can feel so huge, we don’t even want to get up in the morning. I take my struggles, I get up, and I try to keep on the road with my plan of action. A year from now, my  life will change. I may look back on today and say “wow, it seems so long ago that I was struggling with that!” Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Prioritize your immediate needs. Sift through the small things that are just weighing you down. Those insignificant motivation suckers need to just be forgotten or put aside. Don’t waste your energy on them. Focus on the larger issues that need solving now.
  2. Focus on what you can control. Oftentimes, we tend to focus on other people, or blame other people for a situation. What is in your control? What can you do today to move forward to bring you closer to success? Do you have a plan of action? What in the heck do you really want? Are  you holding yourself accountable?
  3. Get it done! No one can make you take action. No one can make you move forward. Only you can. You have the power to make today great!
  4. Check your attitude. When you wake up in the morning, are you immediately feeling overwhelmed and defeated? If you are, fix your perspective. Change how you see the world. Your attitude dictates what happens to you. If you do not think openly and more positively, you will only end up with more problems. It is near impossible to find a solution to an obstacle if you can’t find the positives. There is a solution to every problem. Think creatively.
  5. Be realistic. Life is hard work. It is not always rainbows and puppy dogs. Be realistic in the expectations for yourself and others. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Be ready to put the work into life. You will have deeper connections and better quality of life for it.
  6. Throw Pride out the window.  Admit when you are wrong. It’s ok! Life is hard. We make mistakes. If you are sorry, say so, correct the issue, and move forward. Saying sorry and meaning it are two different things. Our actions should match our words. Pride can get in the way of happiness. Happiness is true peace within ourselves. You can not make someone happy. That is not your job.

These are just a few things I try to remind myself of everyday. It will get better!!!!! Find opportunity!