What does it mean to have passion? What is passion? I googled the definition of passion and this is what I found.  “Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion.” When I think about that definition, I still am not clear on what passion is and what it means. I hear people say all the time “live your life with passion.”

What drives you?

For years I have pondered what my passion is. The same concept keeps surfacing in my mind; help others in any way I can. What I do is I try to live my life with passion through serving others. By serving others, I am fulfilling my need to help. I have found so much gratitude in serving others. It is not their gratitude I found, but mine. As I go through this life, I realize that beauty is all around me. People will come and go in my life, but the beauty I see never diminishes. There are many rough times in my life that I wanted to throw in the towel and just give up. That is normal to feel. Part of the decision to not give up stems from my curiosity of what is around the corner. By nature I am curious and investigative. If I gave up, then I would never know what is about to happen. That curiosity has fueled me to keep going. As I meet others and hear their stories, my desire to give to those around me increases. We can either go through this life as a zombie, a self-centered person, or someone with passion to make this place we call Earth better. You may think that your actions don’t matter, that your opinion doesn’t count, but it does! Just think if everyone started to help someone out, change their own attitude, and see things around them through a servant’s lens! The individual’s perspective will begin to change. They will start to feel that deep burning fire from within. That fire is passion. That fire is what makes us move without concern for ourselves. The times when I have been so disappointed and let down, I was coming from a very self-centered thought pattern. What about me? It isn’t about what I get for me, it is about what I can give to others. Give from the heart. Your gift may not always be accepted or appreciated. Don’t take that personally. The actions of the other individual are based on their reality, not yours. We all are at different stages of growth and some people are just not there yet. Continue to do things for others and live with passion. Your life will feel so much richer because of it!