Prejudice. No words…..

The world is bombarded every second with so many disgusting stories displaying some sort of injustice towards another human being or animal. I am convinced the only reason the media exists is to inform us what they want us to know and lead us to feel a certain way based on the stories they leak to us. The whole world is aware of ISIS and the other terrorists groups that scare everyone into either submission or rage. As we walk down the street and we see someone dressed in a hijab(headscarf) or a niqab(face veil), we are programmed to shy away from them; to be scared of them based on their appearance. Now put yourself in their shoes. You are walking down the street feeling awkward because everyone you pass either scowls at you, looks you up and down, or crosses the street so they don’t have to pass you. How the heck would you feel?????? I am disgusted that we paint every Muslim as a terrorist. I am disgusted that we persecute Christians. I am disgusted that we make assumptions based on skin color, economic class, or sex. There are so many wonderful people we pass up talking to, doing business with, or becoming friends with because we pass judgment based on looks and false realities. We need to stop watching the news and go out and be friendly to everyone. Smile! Smile! Smile! I passed a group of Muslim women the other day at the airport. As they approached me, I looked at their faces, I observed their body language, I listened to their voices. What I observed was they were speaking quietly in their native tongue, they were not smiling, they were keeping a low profile, eyes pointed slightly down, and they were walking briskly. I can only imagine how they felt, what they thought, what their impressions of everyone else around them were. As they approached where I was standing, I smiled at them. I made eye contact. I said “Hello, how are you?” Here is what I observed after my greeting. They looked up, looked me in the eyes, their facial expressions softened, several women smiled at me, their pace was slower, one woman said “hello, I am fine, how are you?” I answered, “I’m fabulous!” All of the women of the group looked at me and smiled. I can only imagine how they were feeling based on their body language and facial expressions. This isn’t rocket science people! Be a decent human being. Don’t treat others unfairly. Be just and compassionate. Above all, LOVE one another. Love is the force that can’t be measured. I guarantee in the absence of it, you will feel it. I guarantee that when you have it, you won’t want to live without it. Love crushes the darkness. Love crushes evil. Loving someone in the most basic form by displaying respect for human dignity. LOVE will move mountains. Think of a time you felt like absolute crap. A time where you were lonely. A time you felt completely rejected. Now go back to what helped you get out of that funk. I am sure it was love and hope in some form. We need to feel accepted. We need to be loved. We need to feel good. All of us human beings have that in common. Now that you are aware of that little secret, go out and spread love throughout the world. You will open doors you never imagined were possible. You cannot grow as a human being if you limit your brain to small thinking. Think BIG! Think about life. LIVE it. LOVE it. Form friendships and deeper connections. I cannot stress this enough! I want to shout it from the rooftops. Most of us have seen that video on YouTube with the guy that got stuck on the train platform. The commuters all worked together to rock the train forward to free the man. Can you imagine if someone said, “hey wait, I am not sure if we should do this, what if that man doesn’t believe in the same things I believe in?” Can you imagine! I can’t. They all reached deep into their souls and saved that soul who was in need of help. That is love in its most basic form. Here is the link: Please like and share. This message is very important!