It really is the thought that counts!

I hear all the time, “it’s the thought that counts!” It really is the thought that counts. Behind every action is intention. Is the intention to harm, to be good, to help? When someone gives a present to another, it isn’t about what they give or what you get. The value does not lie within the gift itself. The value is what that person is also giving. They are giving themselves. They took the time to go get the gift, pay for it, and present it to the receiver. All of those actions are valuable. The thought process involved with thinking about the receiver and wanting to do something nice for them is intentional. Spending money on the gift is also valuable, not because of the amount of money spent, but because of what that money represents. The money is an exchange of their time that they gave up to earn it. The giver spent time doing a task that paid them money. That time they spent, they can never ever get back. The value lies within the time they gave up. Then taking more time out of their lives to present the gift. The next time you receive a gift, take the time to be thoughtful in return. Thank the giver for their intention. Feel special because the giver values you enough to think about you and do something nice for you. That is what love is. Love is selfless. Love in unconditional. Love is what this world needs. It is not about what you give or how much it cost, it is about being selfless. It is about intention. I am so grateful when someone has gone out of their way to be nice to me. I put so much value on that. I hear many people feeling stressed every Christmas because they go into debt to buy things for others. Don’t go into debt. That is not what Christmas is about. Christmas is about giving in many ways. We don’t always have money for things. I have been teaching my kids that making other people happy and helping them is more important than a physical present. Helping someone in need does something to your soul. It makes an individual feel fulfilled, burn with a fire that can’t be extinguished. Every Christmas we serve food to those in need at the Union Gospel Mission. My kids have felt so good about that and they look forward to doing it every year. My kids, even the youngest who is 7, said we don’t care if we get presents momma, we are happy about serving food again this year. Thank you for doing that with us. My 11 year old told me he was excited to serve again too. He said he didn’t care at all about presents. This made me tear up and it made my heart happy. Creating these experiences with them and teaching them through example, is more valuable than anything. These kids are so advanced in how they view the world. They have hearts so big I can barely comprehend it. I am so proud of them. Go out in this world and teach children how to give the gift of themselves. Teach them that there is something greater than themselves. This world is a big place and when we forget or don’t care about others, the world becomes very lonely.

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