How do you know?

As I observe and listen to my friend’s lives, I ask myself how do we know what to do in certain situations. What do humans do when they are unsure of something? Most of us I have observed, go to someone for help or advice. Some people bury the pain and suffering without reaching out. We all handle grief and crisis in our own way. How do you know what to do for someone? I’ve asked myself this over and over for years. For many years, and still sometimes, I am the type of person that will retreat inside myself. I will hide how I feel and I will continue on confused as ever. It wasn’t until 5 years ago or so that I began to reach out to certain people that I truly trusted, even that was hard. I don’t like to cry in front  of others, I don’t like attention in that way. The older I get, the more advice I hear, and the more I observe others. I am not an expert in psychology but I can empathize. Empathy is a huge gift in my eyes. If you can try to put yourself in the shoes of another, see through their eyes, and try to feel what they are feeling, you will be a much better listener for them. I preach about love and compassion all the time. It is not always easy to love everyone, but showing compassion is so important. We don’t know what others need. We aren’t perfect or experts on feelings. You don’t have to be perfect for anyone. That is what makes us special. Our faults, our failures, our mistakes. These experiences will shape us if we allow them to. If we learn from our mistakes and failures to become a better person, we will be able to help those around us. I always look to those who are older than me when I seek answers. They have lived longer and have experienced more things/situations. I feel the best way you can be there for someone who is hurting or in crisis is to let them know you are there. Send sweet messages to them, even if they don’t respond. We all grieve in different ways. Be a friend and an ear. You just never know when you will need the same. Just knowing someone is there for you is sometimes comfort enough, even if words are never exchanged. Our pain and suffering will make us better souls. Be open to change. Be open to your heart growing. Be compassionate. You truly do not know the impact you have on another human being. Joy is found through suffering. There is no way to understand something if you have nothing to compare it to. Embrace pain, find the positives, use those experiences to be a better person. This will help you learn to appreciate more in life.




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