The Melody of Life….

I have been thinking about life, its components, and what we really don’t know about life lately. I have had dreams of time travel, not in the sense of going back in time, but in the sense of jumping from one reality to another through changing vibrations. I had a dream awhile ago where this man, who looked human, was telling me it was possible to bend time and space so there is a straight line. He was about to tell me how to do it, but then I woke up. I do think it is possible. I do believe others have done it and are doing it. If we look at the Earth, the people on it, the sounds we hear, the light we see, we will start to notice patterns. Each living being emits light energy. We can see that through devices that see infrared. So we can’t dispute energy. I also believe that based on a person’s spiritual level( I am not talking about religion here) that each person emits a frequency that can’t be heard with our ears but we can feel it with our body.  Have you ever stood next to someone and something didn’t feel right? You didn’t have to exchange words to feel funny. That is what I am referring to when I talk about spiritual energy. You have heard of others referring to one’s aura right? That is the light around them that they emit based on their  level of their spiritual self. I have contemplated the meaning of life numerous times. I really believe the meaning of life is to use this physical world to reach a heightened level of spiritual self. We do that through being selfless, through helping others, through becoming detached from material things. If we are bound by earthly desires, earthly treasures, how can one reach a heightened level of spirituality? I am still trying to figure this all out. I believe the more we practice truly selfless acts for the sake of elevating others( not for personal gain and recognition) is when we start to transform our souls. What if when we die, we go to another level of life? Maybe heaven has many levels based on the condition of the soul? For those who have said reincarnation exists, maybe it doesn’t exist for everyone. Maybe those who have truly mastered raising their spiritual level go to a high level of heaven where they don’t need to use the Earth to continue to try to achieve higher spiritual levels? I am just throwing ideas out into the universe. I also have wondered if those who have reached a truly high level of spiritual growth, maybe they do come back just to guide us and help us. I believe that we can raise our vibrations and shake the current fabric of this reality. I also believe it is possible to go into a slightly different reality based on the higher frequency we emit. Maybe that higher frequency will open up other opportunities or outcomes of our decisions. You just never know. The more positive I am and the more true love feelings I feel for the world, I noticed I can come up with more creative solutions for each decision I have to make. Maybe that is other realities coming into existence for me because I changed the radio station( analogy) with my frequency level? Lots to think about. We all have a frequency we emit which makes up the  melody of life. Do some research for yourself. Get curious. Think on a higher level. You gain through knowledge and information. Be open to the possibilities. There is so much we just don’t know……



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