Just because…..

Just because you feel like hitting a wall, doesn’t mean you should.

Just because you were taken advantage of, doesn’t mean you should take advantage of others.

Just because you were lied to, doesn’t mean you should lie to others.

Just because………….


Instead of hitting the wall, call a friend and let your feelings out.

Instead of taking advantage of someone’s kindness, lend a helping hand.

Instead of lying to another human being, be genuine and honest.

Everyday we are faced with choices. We have the ultimate authority on how we behave, the decisions we make, and the attitude we are going to show this world. My advice is to think before acting on an emotion and LEAD by EXAMPLE. When we change our perspective on situations, we change the quality of our lives and the impact we have on others.



As I look around this world, I see many human beings that come from various backgrounds. I believe it is truly important to learn what those differences are through conversation. Learning from one another is super important. Gaining an understanding about how this person grew up, the values they were taught, and the culture they are from, will give you insight into why they act they way they do. In our American society, I feel we don’t spend enough time learning about other cultures. I look at the media, and many Americans believe what they hear on the news. Curiosity is a part of our human nature. Act on that curiosity. Learn, investigate, experience it for yourself. When you do that, you can form your opinion. Fear comes from not knowing something. We are naturally afraid of things we do not know. Instead of being afraid or apprehensive, research and learn. Gain an understanding. Things make sense when you know more information.  I love learning about other cultures. I think it would be so much fun to spend a year in another country. Learn the everyday life. Learn what it is like for those in that culture. Get to know the traditions, the recipes, the people. I have a lot of recipes from my grandma that are traditional in Yugoslavia. My great grandparents came from there. It is my goal to make all those recipes and know them by heart. Other cultures use different spices and ingredient combinations. I believe when we re-create them, we are seeing into their culture through a portal if you will. There is something in our brain that will connect the two. Who knows, maybe through DNA, we may experience a spiritual connection when we experience the tastes. When I was homeschooling my children, I designed a history lesson that focused on other countries. I have 5 children. Each week, one child would tell me what country they wanted to learn about. When the country was selected, their job was to gather information regarding the country. I didn’t outline a specific area they had to learn. I wanted to engage their inquisitive mind. Along with the information, we researched recipes specific to that country. The child chosen for that week would help design a dinner using the recipes of that country. We would shop together for the ingredients after we figured out what we were serving. Then that child would help cook the meal and everyone had to eat it, even if they didn’t think they would like it. During dinner, the child who did the research would tell the family what they learned about that country. I called this “Food from around the world.”  My goal in designing this lesson was to get the kids excited about learning a new culture, opening up their minds to other ideas, and engaging their mind and soul. I feel this unit helped them to be open to other types of cultures and people. To erase any fear of not understanding something. We did this for 12 weeks. Oh, and they learned how to budget at the grocery store. Let’s get curious! I challenge you to try this for yourself. Google a country you have been curious about and learn about them. Find traditional recipes, put a meal together, and eat that meal with an open mind. It is amazing what happens when you don’t have any barriers in your mind. I feel we become more empathetic and loving.



Just Fly………………..

What are you afraid of? What is holding you back?  Get out there and make your way in this world. Fly baby fly! Don’t worry about falling or failing. WE all fall but we only fail when we stop going after what we desire. We worry about our friends, our family, our co-workers, but why don’t we give ourselves the same consideration? What happens to our brains when we think about doing something for ourselves? When it is for someone else, we jump at the opportunity. When it is for ourselves, suddenly we are paralyzed or make excuses as to why we shouldn’t. It is not right to do to yourself. You deserve to fly and be free. You need to explore and build on your successes. Life is too short to waste any moment not enjoying it. So, how are you going to fly today?


Segregation. Racism. Bigotry.

Lately, I have been paying a little more attention to those I see in public. I look at how . people interact with one another. I don’t watch the news because it just upsets me and depresses me. There are so many wars going on right now. There are many forms of bigotry and racism. It seems society really does segregate itself. I feel this is a taught behavior based on opinions and the influence of the media. I have always been of the opinion that we are not born to hate or see a person of another color or origin as bad. Ever since 9/11, we have been told through the media, the government, that all Muslims should not be trusted. That their religion is a religion of extremism. The terrorists that destroyed the Twin Towers were people who have hate in their heart. We cannot get mad at billions of individuals and treat them like terrorists because of their belief system. It is a tragedy that we will pass judgment on someone because they believe in one God and read the Quran.  Have you ever read the Quran? There are similar and same stories in there as the Holy Bible. Compare Islam to Christianity. Both religions believe in one God. They believe in love and helping one another. The difference is Islam recognizes Jesus Christ as a prophet, not God. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, three persons in one God. Yes, I realize that there are many that hate Christians too. WE really should just accept that everyone is free to believe in what they want.  I was watching the news from the middle east on CNN and an Indian news station. The perspective of those who live over there is interesting. Yesterday, there was an attack on a college in Pakistan. Those in the college were Muslim. Gunmen entered the University that is outside the city and in the countryside. The University was an easy target because they were not in the city by the military force. Many were killed and injured. If all Muslims were terrorists and bad, this attack would never have happened. Did American media break the story here in the US? Nope, they didn’t. The media shows us what they want us to see and hear. As human beings occupying this planet, we should all just begin to break down these barriers that keep us from advancing. These types of stupid behavior are self-serving and do not do anything but destroy. We need more love in this world. I recently watched the movie “My name is Khan.” I suggest you watch it. It is gripping and it shows you racism and bigotry from the perspective of a Muslim family after 9/11.  I am just so sick of human beings thinking they are better than another because of skin color, cotton pieces of paper called money, status in society, or whatever else they decide makes them superior. We should all be treated the same. We should all be treated with respect. Proper education is a start at getting people out of poverty. Suppressing others through keeping them from reading and learning how to do things, is not the way to be. As a world, we need to value education. Teach others and not control them through manipulation because they don’t know any better. Who the FUCK cares what your religion is, your skin color, eye color, status in society, or sex. When we look at everyone, we should see a precious soul. We should see an individual who needs compassion and love. We should be the ones to lead by example. WE need to be that change we so desire. In America, if you are not Native American, you are an immigrant. Someone in your bloodline came from another country. I also find it interesting, that many citizens of the US don’t know their familial history. Yes, we are Americans, but it is nice to know about your ancestors. Things like traditional cooking is so much fun to take part in. Learning recipes, learning what their way of life was like, and taking pride in what makes you, you! We are all different from one another in a unique way that should be embraced. If we spent more time actually listening to one another and learning from one another, we would be less inclined to hurt one another. I feel when someone fears something, they fear it because they are do not understand whatever it is they are afraid of. Embrace our differences. Don’t fear them. Coming from a place of love and compassion brings about hope to our souls. When people are hopeful, they feel good and are more likely to be kind to others. Get off of your devices and have an actual conversation. We don’t converse anymore. Our interactions consist of broken abbreviated texts, memos, and emails. If we still passed information down through oral tradition like our ancestors did, we would all be screwed. I feel like we pass up a lot of opportunity by ignoring others based on ridiculous reasons why we shouldn’t like someone. I am also disgusted by the education system, especially in Detroit. Those poor babies are learning that they are not cared for because the conditions in which they are being taught in are actually hazardous. It is our duty as human beings is to provide education to others. Our world is falling apart with greed, anger, and lack of caring. We kill our babies in the womb and call it choice. I feel anytime we kill, we are destroying our very existence as human beings. Just to be clear, I do not believe in capital punishment either. War is a business. Providing guns to other countries is huge business. Human trafficking is beyond a large business. Slave labor is a huge business. Consumers are constantly spending their money on things they don’t need. We don’t need 15 pairs of jeans, several coats, ect. The amount of merchandise the world purchases and at the price they demand, creates child labor. Taking advantage of another human being to profit, is a loss in my opinion. It is a loss of your soul. When you do one bad thing and justify your actions, that will lead to another and another. Pretty soon, you have no principles or morals. Educate yourself and help others. It is your moral duty. You don’t have to believe in God to be a good person. You can go to church and be a horrible human being on the inside. You can believe in God or not and still know being kind to others is the right thing to do. There is nothing anyone can say that will justify evil behavior.



Stunning amazing you…..

You are stunning! Yes, I am talking to you. You stop people in their tracks when you speak. You are genuine, gracious, and your light shines so bright. You are just stunning amazing you. You are a treasure to behold. The moment you decided to just be yourself in all of its glory, you were the most beautiful soul on this Earth. Your beauty cannot be captured on film. Your light comes out of every pore. You are just stunning amazing you. Don’t ever change. Don’t ever let anyone extinguish your light. You have a lot to offer this world. Don’t be chained by other people’s perceptions of who you should be. Be yourself. Be stunning amazing you. If you choose to be anything but, that is when you will be unhappy. You will lose what makes you the unique person that you are.




Patience is hard to master. How do you master it anyway? I have no clue. All I know is everyday I am given another lesson in patience. Here is what I have learned (but not mastered). I hope this will help you gain some perspective a little. I have learned that when I am angry I just need to shut my trap and not say a word. The hardest part of that is the other person feels like you are being rude or dismissive. Then they may taunt you until you say those words you will ultimately regret!!! Don’t fall for the argument trap. Control your mouth, control your mind, and just do it!  I have said so many things that I regret. The only way to not say those things is to shut up! Once a word is spoken it can not be undone, only forgiven. The person you said nasty things to will always remember it forever and ever. When someone gets us frustrated or under our skin, we can play the blame game all day long! It’s not going to do us any good because guess what, this is our problem not theirs. If we get so frustrated it is because maybe we lack the skills or ability to deal with that person. Handling other people and our feelings is really an art. In order to be in control, you have to practice knowing your own body. Clearing your mind and calming yourself down so that you are able to overcome this and not get upset in the first place. When we get mad at someone else, we are taking things personally. I know not taking things personally is a hard skill to master. In the end, what the other person does to us is more about them than it is about us. I am not saying don’t take responsibility for your part in the situation. I am simply saying to work on what you can control. Control your reaction. Perspective is the next area to focus on. Try to find a solution. I think when we get frustrated it is because we think there isn’t a way to solve the issue. Feeling stuck and defeated is not a good way to feel or productive. After you deal with how you are feeling and give yourself the room to just be, you will be able to see multiple solutions. Then you will be able to think clearly because you are calm. At the end of the day, Let SHIT  go! It doesn’t serve you well to keep hot issues on the front of your brain. Don’t allow the peace for today to go away because you can’t let things go.



I have a big ego! So what?!!

What does it actually mean to have an “ego”? What is an ego anyway? An ego according to Google is defined as a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance. It is also the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity, according to Google. Many will argue that having an ego is a really bad thing.  I am going to disagree here. Society has said that having an ego is a bad thing. It is made out to be this horrible personality flaw. I think many people don’t have a healthy ego. We live in a world where people are spending so much money on plastic surgery, diet fads, makeup, and anything that will help that person change their looks. Now this could be a good or a bad thing. Many people do these things because they have low self-esteem. Bullying is rampant in schools. Children growing up with parents telling them they are not good enough. There needs to a healthy balance between good self-esteem and not feeling like you are the only important person in the world. We need to build and encourage others. We need to accept ourselves and not just see the superficial aspects of ourselves. We are beautiful souls that should be respected and treasured. I truly believe that when we focus on the superficial regarding ourselves, that is what we focus on when we look at another human being. This type of thinking needs to change. We need to focus on what is important. That is helping others and encouraging positive behavior. I am not advocating disregarding appearances. I am simply saying when we heal the inside of ourselves, the outside will follow. We are mirrors in this world. What we feel inside reflects on the outside.