Why do you do the things you do?

I was looking at my screen with my head totally blank on what to write. Usually, I am doing something or driving and I feel inspired and I have to share, so I blog about it. I have been so busy doing so many things over the past 3 weeks. Do you ever just wonder what motivates you? I was working an event for New Year’s Eve and the guy that was manning the area to let patrons in with me, seemed ok to me at first. He answered the ad on craigslist for this gig. The more I listened to him and watched his work get sloppy, the more I wondered “are you just here to collect your cash?”  He took absolutely no pride in doing a good job. He left to go smoke, which was fine, but came back and looked like he was high on something. He stopped looking at the tickets and started just asking people, “do you have general admission?” I told him to look at the ticket and verify. His response was “they know what they have.” He messed up a few entries and I had to go back and get them VIP wristbands. To me, this was a huge deal. These patrons paid extra money to get VIP and he didn’t even care. I am not here to rant. I just began thinking why people do what they do?What motivates you to do a good job? For  me, I am all about helping others. Going out of my way to help someone is what I love to do.  I love to problem solve. I also put myself in the shoes of the patrons and treated them with a smile and a friendly attitude. No matter if I am getting paid to do something or not, doing my best is super important to me. My attitude and actions affect other people around me. I want that effect to be positive. No matter what job or task you are doing, you are representing someone else. How would you like to represented? Have integrity…..