The snow is falling so gently from the heavens. Each flake is unique and perfect in its own way. The world around me feels calm as I watch in awe these huge fluffy flakes dancing gracefully to the ground. I love this time of year. The air feels like a warm blanket as the snow dances down. I feel at peace as I ponder this life here on Earth. I am grateful I get to see the changes in seasons. I am happy that each day I am allowed to wake up and continue shaping my life. The cool crisp air feels so good and renewing as it fills my lungs. I exhale all of the negative worries that are bogging me down. I stand here admiring the beauty around me. I love the ballet of dancing snow flakes falling on me. I am aware of this moment in time. This moment will never come again. I am in awe that I got to experience it. I have flutters throughout my body when I realize how precious time is. I will remember how I feel right now, always…..


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