What does it mean to be independent?

We all strive for independence. We want to be in control of ourselves. When I was little, I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to be on my own as an adult. I was going to do things my way and no one was going to be able to tell me any differently. My view of what it was like to be an adult was complete fantasy. I had no clue all of the new rules I would have to follow. I thought I could do whatever I wanted. As we grow up, we realize there are rules to follow, ways to act in society that we need to adhere to, and we are not completed independent. No one is. We are not islands of our own. I am glad for that. I love working cooperatively with others. I love getting other’s opinions. I love the presence of another human being. So, is there really any such thing as being independent? To a point there is. We are able to physically take care of ourselves. When it comes to jobs, we are not. Even if I started a company, I am not independent. I am dependent on those I hire. We all work cooperatively to achieve a goal. With the goals met, money earned, we can now do what we need to do to take care of our families. It is my opinion that being independent is a frame of mind.


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