….it’s what separates us from the herd.

How are you different? How are you unique? We all are in our own way. I remember being in middle school. There were some girls who made my life hell. They talked about me, shunned me, and were just really mean to me. Words hurt. They can be said but never forgotten, only forgiven. I thought to myself back then, if only I could get a nose job or change my hair color, maybe then they will accept me and like me. As I have grown, I have realized, we are all beautiful. No one has perfect features. No one is perfect. I love the saying we are perfectly imperfect. Even if I could have changed the features that they criticized, it wouldn’t have made a difference. I am telling you this because this happens to everyone. We are not meant to appeal to every human being on this Earth. It is OK! What makes you unique, is what you have to offer. Embrace it. Love it. Accept it. BE it! Beauty goes beyond the skin. Be a strong light that emits it’s beauty through your eyes, you mouth, your actions. This world is beautiful. Focus on the miracles. Focus on the good. Be good. Be light. Be love. We are what we think. If you want to be a positive person who feels lots of love, you have to be that. If you want to see love in this world, you have to be love. Love cannot be measured. Love is one of the greatest forces in my opinion. Love will move mountains. The lack of love will kill and bring hatred. As you look at another human being, see them as a miracle. I truly believe if we all see every human this way and get rid of the selfish attitudes, there will be peaceful living in this world. It seems like an impossible task, but it’s only impossible until it’s done. Start with yourself. Try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.