Expand your mind, expand your universe!

Do you ever just sit back and watch people speak and interact with each other? I have had the pleasure of learning so much while working at the airport. I listen to others speak in their native tongue. I get to help them find their way at the airport. It is truly fascinating to me. I work with a couple of people that English is not their first language. One speaks Spanish, one speaks Pashto, and one speaks Ethiopian. I began taking some lessons from them when I work to get an understanding of the language and learn to converse a little with others in the airport. I realized that I catch on fast when I am speaking with the individual. I am also saying small things to the cart guys in their native language. I have grown more confident in saying things that may not be 100% correct. I have let go of my fear of making mistakes. I have been thinking in English and saying the words in the other languages. I am so happy! Doing this makes my heart sing. Travelers coming through the airport smile when I say things that they know. That familiarity, that bond is important. Even if I can only say a couple of things, it makes the person feel a little more comfort. I was told by my coworker that even if I can say a few things to them, they like that I am taking an interest in learning. It makes them feel at home. I also noticed, my brain processes information slightly differently now. I am thinking a little more clearly. With this familiarity and bond I am creating, the passengers at the airport converse a little and I can help them with their English. This is a win win!



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