Patience is hard to master. How do you master it anyway? I have no clue. All I know is everyday I am given another lesson in patience. Here is what I have learned (but not mastered). I hope this will help you gain some perspective a little. I have learned that when I am angry I just need to shut my trap and not say a word. The hardest part of that is the other person feels like you are being rude or dismissive. Then they may taunt you until you say those words you will ultimately regret!!! Don’t fall for the argument trap. Control your mouth, control your mind, and just do it!  I have said so many things that I regret. The only way to not say those things is to shut up! Once a word is spoken it can not be undone, only forgiven. The person you said nasty things to will always remember it forever and ever. When someone gets us frustrated or under our skin, we can play the blame game all day long! It’s not going to do us any good because guess what, this is our problem not theirs. If we get so frustrated it is because maybe we lack the skills or ability to deal with that person. Handling other people and our feelings is really an art. In order to be in control, you have to practice knowing your own body. Clearing your mind and calming yourself down so that you are able to overcome this and not get upset in the first place. When we get mad at someone else, we are taking things personally. I know not taking things personally is a hard skill to master. In the end, what the other person does to us is more about them than it is about us. I am not saying don’t take responsibility for your part in the situation. I am simply saying to work on what you can control. Control your reaction. Perspective is the next area to focus on. Try to find a solution. I think when we get frustrated it is because we think there isn’t a way to solve the issue. Feeling stuck and defeated is not a good way to feel or productive. After you deal with how you are feeling and give yourself the room to just be, you will be able to see multiple solutions. Then you will be able to think clearly because you are calm. At the end of the day, Let SHIT  go! It doesn’t serve you well to keep hot issues on the front of your brain. Don’t allow the peace for today to go away because you can’t let things go.



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