Segregation. Racism. Bigotry.

Lately, I have been paying a little more attention to those I see in public. I look at how . people interact with one another. I don’t watch the news because it just upsets me and depresses me. There are so many wars going on right now. There are many forms of bigotry and racism. It seems society really does segregate itself. I feel this is a taught behavior based on opinions and the influence of the media. I have always been of the opinion that we are not born to hate or see a person of another color or origin as bad. Ever since 9/11, we have been told through the media, the government, that all Muslims should not be trusted. That their religion is a religion of extremism. The terrorists that destroyed the Twin Towers were people who have hate in their heart. We cannot get mad at billions of individuals and treat them like terrorists because of their belief system. It is a tragedy that we will pass judgment on someone because they believe in one God and read the Quran.  Have you ever read the Quran? There are similar and same stories in there as the Holy Bible. Compare Islam to Christianity. Both religions believe in one God. They believe in love and helping one another. The difference is Islam recognizes Jesus Christ as a prophet, not God. Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, three persons in one God. Yes, I realize that there are many that hate Christians too. WE really should just accept that everyone is free to believe in what they want.  I was watching the news from the middle east on CNN and an Indian news station. The perspective of those who live over there is interesting. Yesterday, there was an attack on a college in Pakistan. Those in the college were Muslim. Gunmen entered the University that is outside the city and in the countryside. The University was an easy target because they were not in the city by the military force. Many were killed and injured. If all Muslims were terrorists and bad, this attack would never have happened. Did American media break the story here in the US? Nope, they didn’t. The media shows us what they want us to see and hear. As human beings occupying this planet, we should all just begin to break down these barriers that keep us from advancing. These types of stupid behavior are self-serving and do not do anything but destroy. We need more love in this world. I recently watched the movie “My name is Khan.” I suggest you watch it. It is gripping and it shows you racism and bigotry from the perspective of a Muslim family after 9/11.  I am just so sick of human beings thinking they are better than another because of skin color, cotton pieces of paper called money, status in society, or whatever else they decide makes them superior. We should all be treated the same. We should all be treated with respect. Proper education is a start at getting people out of poverty. Suppressing others through keeping them from reading and learning how to do things, is not the way to be. As a world, we need to value education. Teach others and not control them through manipulation because they don’t know any better. Who the FUCK cares what your religion is, your skin color, eye color, status in society, or sex. When we look at everyone, we should see a precious soul. We should see an individual who needs compassion and love. We should be the ones to lead by example. WE need to be that change we so desire. In America, if you are not Native American, you are an immigrant. Someone in your bloodline came from another country. I also find it interesting, that many citizens of the US don’t know their familial history. Yes, we are Americans, but it is nice to know about your ancestors. Things like traditional cooking is so much fun to take part in. Learning recipes, learning what their way of life was like, and taking pride in what makes you, you! We are all different from one another in a unique way that should be embraced. If we spent more time actually listening to one another and learning from one another, we would be less inclined to hurt one another. I feel when someone fears something, they fear it because they are do not understand whatever it is they are afraid of. Embrace our differences. Don’t fear them. Coming from a place of love and compassion brings about hope to our souls. When people are hopeful, they feel good and are more likely to be kind to others. Get off of your devices and have an actual conversation. We don’t converse anymore. Our interactions consist of broken abbreviated texts, memos, and emails. If we still passed information down through oral tradition like our ancestors did, we would all be screwed. I feel like we pass up a lot of opportunity by ignoring others based on ridiculous reasons why we shouldn’t like someone. I am also disgusted by the education system, especially in Detroit. Those poor babies are learning that they are not cared for because the conditions in which they are being taught in are actually hazardous. It is our duty as human beings is to provide education to others. Our world is falling apart with greed, anger, and lack of caring. We kill our babies in the womb and call it choice. I feel anytime we kill, we are destroying our very existence as human beings. Just to be clear, I do not believe in capital punishment either. War is a business. Providing guns to other countries is huge business. Human trafficking is beyond a large business. Slave labor is a huge business. Consumers are constantly spending their money on things they don’t need. We don’t need 15 pairs of jeans, several coats, ect. The amount of merchandise the world purchases and at the price they demand, creates child labor. Taking advantage of another human being to profit, is a loss in my opinion. It is a loss of your soul. When you do one bad thing and justify your actions, that will lead to another and another. Pretty soon, you have no principles or morals. Educate yourself and help others. It is your moral duty. You don’t have to believe in God to be a good person. You can go to church and be a horrible human being on the inside. You can believe in God or not and still know being kind to others is the right thing to do. There is nothing anyone can say that will justify evil behavior.