Spring is in the air…..

The days start to get longer. The sun begins to break through the gloomy grey clouds. The squirrels begin to leave their nests and rummage through the garbage cans. Spring is in the air. That smell of sweet rain begins to fill the air. The song birds sing beautiful melodies. The snow begins to melt and patches of green grass begin to show. As I walk through the streets, I notice tulips peeking through the snow. Spring is in the air. Spring is my most favorite time of year because everything begins to renew itself. Attitudes are more cheerful and the hope of longer warmer days is on the front of my mind……..


Oh the opportunities…..

I often hear many complain about their lives, what they are doing or aren’t doing at this point. What is it you wish to accomplish in this lifetime? What do you desire most? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves. After we figure out what it is we want, we need to figure out how to make it happen. Quit telling yourself that it is never going to happen. It won’t if you believe it won’t. We often roadblock our own happiness. I don’t know if it is an unconscious act we do. It seems many people as they are becoming successful, stop what they are doing. Maybe it is a fear of success and what that success will do to them. I am not sure. The opportunities are out there for us to reap. We have to get off of our behinds and be out there seeking out these opportunities. What is the worst that can happen?  You never know until you seek and the answer is always no if you don’t ask. Get out there and make it happen!


What do we owe ourselves?

I have been thinking hard about what I should do for me. What do I owe myself? Everyday we help each other out in dealing with our problems. We give advice freely based off of our own experiences. It is easy to give someone advice when you are not emotionally invested in their situation. When it comes to ourselves, what do we do? As I look at my life, I realize that I do not give myself the same regard as I give to others. I always come last. My needs are not as important as someone else’s. That is the lie I have told myself all these years. My question is, why am I not important? Why do you not see yourself as important? I think this is a common thing we all do. It is easy to give advice to someone if we don’t have to feel the pain and the consequences of those decisions. Feelings are hard to circumvent. You can’t, you have to deal with them. There is no other way around it. We can’t forget ourselves for the sake of not being important or for the abandonment of dealing with our emotions. Life is hard. Life is worth it. If you knew you were going to die in two months, what would you try to accomplish? When we think we are going to die or run out of chances, we live and see life differently. We suddenly forget about money. It doesn’t matter anymore and we try to get experiences. I have written before that the only thing we truly own are our actions. Our actions follow us to the next life. Our experiences are ours. Make the most of your life. Travel. See the world. Love your kids. Hug them and kiss them. You do matter. If you don’t respect yourself, why should anyone else? I totally get it is easier said than done!