Penmanship. Is it a lost art?


When I look at the computer, I know I can pick any font or script I desire. With the click of the mouse, my page is transformed! In today’s society, we do a lot of typing and not enough writing. The act of writing is important. Writing is an art. It takes practice. When we practice manipulating a pen or pencil, we are developing our fine motor skills. We are connecting our brain to our hands. We are engraining what we are writing in our heads. Our minds remember what we see and do. The simple act of moving our writing utensil is so powerful. We can use our minds to create something beautiful. Creating is unique to our individual personalities. We all have our own thoughts, perspectives, and abilities to create unique works of art. As a society, we just don’t practice like we did when I was in school. I remember writing lines, letters, and numbers. My kids never bring home writing assignments. They have IPads in the classroom. They are learning to type. I think those skills for computer are extremely important, but, I feel we shouldn’t drop learning how to write. The writing skills go far beyond just writing.