It’s swimsuit season! Time to bare all!

Well, folks, it’s here again! Swimsuit season! Yay! (Yeah, not really).  A couple days ago I decided that I felt good enough about my physique to go into TJ Maxx for dreaded swimsuit shopping. I went in determined I was going to like something. I am my absolute, without a doubt, worst critic. I wish I could see myself through someone else’s eyes. I walk into the store on a beautiful 70 degree April day. The women in the store were all scurrying about, chatting, and piling loads of cute household decorations in their carts. Now, normally, TJ Maxx has loads of choices in every category. I could not find the swimsuits anywhere. I know they are here somewhere because swimsuit season started in January. I am looking around and suddenly I spot what appear to be swimsuits. I walk closer and the selection is literally 4 ft wide. I felt my positive-ness begin to fade. How the heck am I supposed to find a suit in the selection of mostly bikinis? I shake my head, exchange glances with a woman who felt the same way. I could totally read her eyes. She came to my side of the rack and told me what is on the other side. Yep, not much! Since I am here, I may as well try something on. I thumb through the suits and suddenly the hosts from What Not To Wear pop into my head. I can hear their commentary. I grab 7 suits to begin with, ranging from two piece tanks to full one piece. I try them on in the fitting room and I am not feeling this at all. Remember how I said I want to look at myself through someone else’s eyes?  I shut my eyes, opened them, and tried to be objective. Suddenly, my queeziness went away and I felt good again.  Who was I staring at?  I pictured a dear friend in front of me and I gave objective, positive advice to her. I ended up buying a suit! I found a beautiful two piece tank suit that hid and scrunched in all the right places, while flattering other places.

My lesson I learned was this, be nice to yourself. Treat yourself like a dear precious friend that you love and adore. If you can see yourself through someone else’s eyes, the once negative thoughts will become good positive thoughts. Why are we so hard on ourselves? You do not have the right to be mean to yourself. You are someone’s daughter, son, mother, father, husband, wife, niece, nephew, and cousin. The people that hold you dear, would be crushed if they heard you say mean things to yourself. Change your brain, change your life!