What is in you?

I try to look inward at who I am and what I am made of. What is in you? I know this is a loaded question and can be answered in a million ways. I believe that what is inside all of us is unlocked potential. We are all formed the same way. We all have two parents. We are all made up of cells. What makes each of us different if we have the same components? I believe it is our soul. We are not just human beings, we are spiritual beings in a human body. It is fascinating how there can be 4 kids, all born to the same parents, raised the same way, yet, they are all vastly different from one another. We are not cars off of the same assembly line. We are all unique. The soul is made up of pure energy( my belief) and my mind is blown away when I think about the soul. My kid’s creations and ideas are so fascinating to me. The things they come up with and create is mind boggling. I look at them and just stare. I know my DNA is in them, but I also know their soul is from God. Our existence in itself is mind blowing. What do you want to accomplish in your lifetime? I look at the world in a very different way than I did as a twenty something year old kid. I see this world as a very small place. Technology has made it possible for us to communicate to other people around the globe in a matter of seconds. That technology was created by spiritual beings in a human body. I think about those beings that have created these technologies. How did they even come up with the way to implement their idea? I really believe that thoughts do become things. What we think we can absolutely manifest it. When some people say that a task is impossible, they really believe it is impossible. My thought is that it is impossible for them, not for you. If there is something you really want to do and accomplish, you will figure out a way to make it happen. Positive thougths are important. I have noticed those with negative energy are always complaining about their circumstances. You have the power within you to change your life. If you don’t like something, do something about it. Quit making excuses.  Life is short, life is fun, and life is precious. What are you going to do with yours??????