Trying to balance

I hear all the time that there has to be a work, family life, and fun balance. I have never really mastered that concept. It sounds really good in theory, but honesty, how do you do it?  I have realized in my life that I had to put in many hours trying to figure out how to get enough money to get comfortable enough to even think about balance. Slowly but surly it is working. I was very fortunate last year, after a chain of unfortunate events(knee surgery and not being able to work for 9 months) to obtain the  opportunity for me to create that balance. I have been blessed to no end. It is amazing how when you just trust and believe in yourself, what doors reveal themselves. In this world, we are constantly building and developing relationships. Those relationships are what’s important. My goal this year is to travel more and tell you all about it. I plan on taking my daughter to Paris at the end of July for 4 days as a reward for her efforts. Two years ago, if you told me I would be doing this, I would have thought how in the world could I afford that? Let me tell you this, when there is a burning desire to do something, you will find a way. If that literal burn isn’t there, most people forget about it and occupy their minds with something else. I have the burn to create well traveled children and be well traveled myself. I want to experience as many cultures as I can! Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!