Make plans. Be deliberate. Act!

As I continue to look at my life, I am analyzing where I am and where I desire to be. I have the burning desire to experience as much as I can. I want to experience different cultures and go on adventures!.A few years ago, my response to traveling was “I really want to but I don’t have the money for it.” That statement was very true but I neglected to think of a solution to my dilemma. I stayed in this box of “I can’t, I am broke, I don’t have the opportunity, I want to but……” I am done with this thought pattern. I made a conscious decision to change my thinking from “I can’t to I can!”  This may sound easy but it’s not. This takes work and I promise you, you will be feeling free, more free than you have ever felt. Coming from an abundance thinking vs a scarcity thinking, really changes how you make decisions. This change also transforms how you feel about these decisions you make. I have a feeling of elation some days. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop feeling such joy. Peace will begin to fill you up and all or any negative thoughts are pushed out of your  brain. It is truly amazing. You have a new line of sight that you are focusing on. I was looking at the hose today on my deck above the garage. It is attached to the house down below. I found joy in thinking about how cool it is that the water will travel up to the deck through the hose by shear pressure. The water has gravity pushing it down. So how in the world can it travel straight up?  I understand the physics behind it. On a simplistic level, we can learn from this. The pressure we feel in life, the burning desires, have to be greater than our fear. These have to push us enough to make us want to make a change. You may feel that some days everyone is against you, but, get out of that thinking immediately. You can control how you react to negative things. I have also learned that what I may perceive as a negative is actually a positive. Just last week, I had a closing on the house I just sold, fall through and get rescheduled from that Friday to Monday. I was thinking what now? So, I raced to the office for the meeting/birthday party for my boss.  As I tried to find the positive, I realized that my colleague can show the home on Saturday as she had planned to(forgot it was closing when she scheduled it) and the appointment I had that night, I got to show a home because my other colleague’s closing got rescheduled too. It all worked out!

Crap that happens to us may actually be good for us. There is a bigger plan than we can see. Ride the wave of life. Make plans, be deliberate in your actions and decisions, and act on it! Without action, your plans are just a dream!