It’s been awhile….

Stress is a killer! The past two months have been full of change and I haven’t taken the time to write here on this blog. I love writing. For me, writing is a form of release. It feels good to get my feelings out of me, and maybe my experiences will help someone else. I have realized a couple of things about myself in the past two months. I realized how much I am actually capable of handling and that I truly did not believe in myself. I can say all I want that I believe in myself, but when it came time to take the plunge in life, I wasn’t emotionally ready to take on what felt like the world. Change happens either slowly or suddenly. I had both. The sudden change was a lifestyle change that I did not really believe I was capable of handling. You know what? I was wrong!!! I am feeling good and feeling peaceful. I am remembering to live in the moment. I am not worrying about how I am going to pay for this or that. I am focusing on my kids, taking care of the home, and making professional decisions that will pay me down the road. I am on 100% commission, so that can be stressfull if you don’t budget and plan. The days I need to feel good and feel like I am accomplishing something, I will pay a small bill off and know that I am that much closer to feeling more free.  I am re-arranging my home and getting rid of clutter. The other night I was feeling a little anxious so you know what I did? I bought smores stuff and made a fire in the fire pit. The kids loved BBQ’ing and I had friends over. The combination of company, the smell of the fire, the laughter of the kids, all made my anxious feelings disappear. It truly is the little things in life that we don’t take the time to do, that make a huge impact on our lives.  Stopping and smelling the roses and taking the time to actually notice the surroundings is important. Have you ever just looked at a bug on a leaf? Just stare at it. Notice the details of the bug. Notice the colors of the body. Look at what it is doing on the leaf. Take in the moment. For that bug, this is life. For us, we are a part of more. In order for us to believe that, we need to take in the smallest details and realize how it all fits together. We are not here to work and die. Life is wonderful. You just have to take the time to appreciate it. Sometimes, I sit here and say, “this second will never come again and I was here to be a part of it.” When something seems huge and overwhelming, break it down into parts. Eating a whole cake is easier piece by piece vs trying to shove the whole thing in your mouth at once. The whole cake at once is perhaps not possible since our mouths have a capacity. Our lives have a capacity too. My advice is to get rid of the negative things that weigh you down and make room for the good positive things. We are made of layers. As  you look in the ocean, you notice the waves, the water, perhaps boats on the water. What you don’t see right away is the intricate life within the ocean. We have to take the time to connect and explore below the surface. We are just like that. You can’t see beyond the surface of another human being if you don’t take the time to connect. Connect! Talk! Get together. Just remember “YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


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