Do you ever wonder…..

Do you ever wonder why some things happen the way they do, how people grow apart as they get older, and just in general silly questions? It is good and healthy to actively think and wonder. I am a thinker, so much that sometimes my brain doesn’t like to shut off at night. Thinking and pondering is important. I am always trying to come up with creative solutions to obstacles. I will be tackling my backyard and bathroom next. I made this huge fire pit in the backyard last year in an area of my yard that just didn’t really get used. We have a decent size yard and I know I can make it so much better for entertaining. I have been thinking about making an inexpensive seating area for my 6ftx6ft fire pit. I looked at seating  options at the store but I was not about to spend hundreds of dollars on a small area. So, I am actually going to go through with the cinder block seating pic I found online. I have attached it to this blog. Do you think I should paint the cinder block? I wonder if eventually it will peel? I am going to put down landscape material and rock( or sand) so that it is comfortable to be on. I thought about the sand so I can pretend I am on a beach somewhere. Run my bare feet through the cold soft sand. I believe in stimulating all senses so that I can become more connected to life. In my last blog I wrote about finding the small details in life. The attached pic is my inspiration, I will build my vision and post the pics here. I am determined to elevate my life and enjoy it to the fullest! What can you do around you that will make a huge impact on your life?


2 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder…..

  1. Love the idea. Google painting cinder block. I love the idea of sand. Practical things to think about are tracking the sand inside and the long winter. There are other ways to make that area a “beach” without the sand. Explore that!!! Also, there is freedom in creativity, so have fun being creative!!! Always proud of you!


    1. Thanks for the advice! I will google the painting and explore the different substrates! What color do you think would look good for the cinder block? Bright? Neutral?


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