Wanting it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen……

I have had thoughts in my head and ideas of wanting certain things many times. Wanting it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Wanting, wishing, and hoping are not going to accomplish your goal. What are you willing to do to make that desire a reality? I have met so many incredibly successful people that were generous enough to engage me in conversations about their struggles before they were successful. I have learned that it truly is a mindset. There were so many times these folks wanted to throw in the towel and just quit. Lots of people around you are going to tell you to quit. Some days you may even feel defeated. It takes a strong mind to block out all of the negative people and move forward. It is incredibly hard to keep solid ground and tell yourself ” I believe in me!” When I have felt this way, my thinking is what the heck do I have to lose by continuing on my path? If I quit, I lose. If I don’t quit and it doesn’t work, I am truly successful because I didn’t give up. Not everything works out. I truly it believe we are all here to help one another somehow. I don’t believe that everyone that comes into your life, is meant to stay in your life and that’s ok! It is seriously ok. Keep moving forward. We are all connected. The lessons we learn in life will help us on to the next step we reach for. Be scared, be sad, be happy, be glad. All will happen in time. Keep your goals in mind. Don’t waver from your morals. Don’t compromise!!! Just don’t! Life is too short to not get what you want.


Discovering Happiness in every day tasks.

As I go through life, I recognized that in the past I was not happy. I was not happy with a lot of. I would come down the steps in the morning and look at the kitchen. Some days, I would mumble to myself words that have no place coming out of my mouth. Then I realized something, I am the one who is unhappy. The mess of a kitchen didn’t make me unhappy, I was already that way. Recognizing that I needed to change my perspective was key to me not feeling depressed anymore. I had the power to actually take charge of my life and make it better. I didn’t have to just take my life the way it was and that is that. I decided to start trying to be positive when I wake up. I wake up and notice my surroundings. I look around me and think of how I am blessed. I thank God for waking me up. I walked downstairs this morning and I did say the kitchen was a pit. I said it in a joyous way because I knew the dirty dishes were made by my kids. I am so lucky to have my kids. My 8 yr old daughter said ” is it ok if I buy the house next door to you so I can bring my kids over for you to watch?” Her cutie little mind and thoughts give me joy. Even the simplest task of making a bed and having someone who loves you help you, is so wonderful. It makes me smile thinking about it. For me it is not the tasks that make me happy, it is the intention behind them. My intention is to make my family feel good and I do that lovingly. I find the happiness in everyone pitching in to start the bonfire. When you feel upset, depressed, or stuck, try to find the good in everything. There are more positives than negatives. You have to open your mind to see them.

The attitude of gratitude.

The attitude of gratitude is not always easy. Some days when everything just goes wrong, it is hard to feel grateful and see the positives. Lately, I have just been thrown a whole lot of curve balls. These curve balls have forced me to make decisions in my life,  moving forward in directions I may have not moved. It wasn’t until I got a hold of my feelings, dealt with them, and processed them, that I began to feel grateful again. I know there are many blessings in my life. Every day I try to reflect on those and thank God for giving me another shot at life. I wake up breathing, hearing birds, feeling the day is going to be good because I choose to make it good. A person’s attitude really sets the tone for the day. If you wake up feeling defeated, the day is going to be that much harder. The little bumps in the road are going to seem like a mountain. The solutions to these obstacles will not present themselves because your mind is totally closed off to them.  I know it is hard to change your attitude, believe me I know. Staying upset and miserable is a choice too. I have been trying to follow my own advice lately. My biggest downfall is assuming I know how someone means something and making up a story about it in my mind. Then that story becomes the reality and I get all bent out of shape about something that possibly isn’t even real. We all have to allow others to have their bad day and to understand that we have bad days too. Having a bad day doesn’t mean life is doomed. It just means today is crap, deal with it, and get over it. The hardest principle for me to put into place is to not take things personally. Sooooo hard to remember! Feelings are completely illogical. Feelings, if not controlled, cause some major damage. Feelings that are stuffed and not dealt with cause huge damage too. We just have to be brave and deal with feelings head on. It is scary sometimes, especially when we put ourselves out there and be vulnerable. The saying “it is better to have loved and lost then not loved at all” ( or something to that effect), does ring true. However, we have to remember that every person is different and there is someone out there that will make you happy and be that right person for you. You just have to be willing to get out of your shell and take some risks.



Why are we so un-American?!!!

I look around at the world, I hear things on social media, I hear people speak about other people, and I wonder why is everyone so un-American? What is the mindset that these people have? I look at the United States of America and think to myself, the USA is just land. The land is not what makes up the USA. Sure, it is on the continent of North America and it is called the United States of America, but what really is behind the words the United States of America? We as people are what define the USA. It is us that make up the USA. Without people, the USA is just land. I think of the USA as a melting pot. There are so many people here with different cultures, backgrounds, color skin, and talent. Why aren’t we really embracing these differences? Why are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget about the people around us? Why is it we look at differences as a negative attribute? If you think about it, those that are Native American were here first. The rest of us are from immigrant families. That is not a bad thing, but it is true. To me, being an American means that we are free to grab our dreams. There are resources here in this rich land of plenty for us to utilize. We have opportunities most of the world may not have. We are full of rich culture. We need to embrace other cultures in order for us as individuals to grow. We are different. We have differences of opinions, which is super fabulous. We can be free to think. Yes, think! That is a luxury some cultures do not have. On top of the freedom to think, we can say our opinions. We won’t get thrown in jail if we don’t have the same opinions as the government. So why do we treat each other so poorly? We have all of this and yet as a nation, we are not happy. In my opinion, the mindset of society has to change. Media needs to just stop with their twisting of stories to get you to think a certain way( not gonna happen). We need to question, think, and make decisions that are well-thought out. We need to have the heart of gratitude. There is good all around us. Let’s stop with the negative comments to one another, the thoughts of jealousy, the slandering, and embrace this life we are living. Enjoy and recognize the moment. Breathe the air, travel more, be aware of what is going on in your life. Decompress and unplug from devices. Take in nature. I believe that if we do these things, we will be less stressed. Less stress leads to less tension in our brains. Less tension helps us relax. Relaxing leads to peace. I read a saying that stated “in order to change the world, you have to change youself, then you are done.” How true! We can’t control other people, nor should we. Focus on what you can control and those are your thoughts, actions, and reactions.

Have a wonderful day!