Why are we so un-American?!!!

I look around at the world, I hear things on social media, I hear people speak about other people, and I wonder why is everyone so un-American? What is the mindset that these people have? I look at the United States of America and think to myself, the USA is just land. The land is not what makes up the USA. Sure, it is on the continent of North America and it is called the United States of America, but what really is behind the words the United States of America? We as people are what define the USA. It is us that make up the USA. Without people, the USA is just land. I think of the USA as a melting pot. There are so many people here with different cultures, backgrounds, color skin, and talent. Why aren’t we really embracing these differences? Why are we so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget about the people around us? Why is it we look at differences as a negative attribute? If you think about it, those that are Native American were here first. The rest of us are from immigrant families. That is not a bad thing, but it is true. To me, being an American means that we are free to grab our dreams. There are resources here in this rich land of plenty for us to utilize. We have opportunities most of the world may not have. We are full of rich culture. We need to embrace other cultures in order for us as individuals to grow. We are different. We have differences of opinions, which is super fabulous. We can be free to think. Yes, think! That is a luxury some cultures do not have. On top of the freedom to think, we can say our opinions. We won’t get thrown in jail if we don’t have the same opinions as the government. So why do we treat each other so poorly? We have all of this and yet as a nation, we are not happy. In my opinion, the mindset of society has to change. Media needs to just stop with their twisting of stories to get you to think a certain way( not gonna happen). We need to question, think, and make decisions that are well-thought out. We need to have the heart of gratitude. There is good all around us. Let’s stop with the negative comments to one another, the thoughts of jealousy, the slandering, and embrace this life we are living. Enjoy and recognize the moment. Breathe the air, travel more, be aware of what is going on in your life. Decompress and unplug from devices. Take in nature. I believe that if we do these things, we will be less stressed. Less stress leads to less tension in our brains. Less tension helps us relax. Relaxing leads to peace. I read a saying that stated “in order to change the world, you have to change youself, then you are done.” How true! We can’t control other people, nor should we. Focus on what you can control and those are your thoughts, actions, and reactions.

Have a wonderful day!