Discovering Happiness in every day tasks.

As I go through life, I recognized that in the past I was not happy. I was not happy with a lot of. I would come down the steps in the morning and look at the kitchen. Some days, I would mumble to myself words that have no place coming out of my mouth. Then I realized something, I am the one who is unhappy. The mess of a kitchen didn’t make me unhappy, I was already that way. Recognizing that I needed to change my perspective was key to me not feeling depressed anymore. I had the power to actually take charge of my life and make it better. I didn’t have to just take my life the way it was and that is that. I decided to start trying to be positive when I wake up. I wake up and notice my surroundings. I look around me and think of how I am blessed. I thank God for waking me up. I walked downstairs this morning and I did say the kitchen was a pit. I said it in a joyous way because I knew the dirty dishes were made by my kids. I am so lucky to have my kids. My 8 yr old daughter said ” is it ok if I buy the house next door to you so I can bring my kids over for you to watch?” Her cutie little mind and thoughts give me joy. Even the simplest task of making a bed and having someone who loves you help you, is so wonderful. It makes me smile thinking about it. For me it is not the tasks that make me happy, it is the intention behind them. My intention is to make my family feel good and I do that lovingly. I find the happiness in everyone pitching in to start the bonfire. When you feel upset, depressed, or stuck, try to find the good in everything. There are more positives than negatives. You have to open your mind to see them.