YOU are NOT your circumstances.

We look at others and envy them for what we think their life is like. You just do not know what someone is going through. You have not spent anytime with them in their environment. We live amongst some of the best “Theater of Life” actors and actresses. Some people really appear to have their shit together. Life can feel unfair at times. Sit back and relax. We all have shit we are going through. Life is not easy. You have not just been singled out and dealt a bad hand. You are not your circumstances. Those events and people in your life that made it seem horrible do not define you as a person. You are not what others say you are. I heard a story on FB that was a lesson story. There was a teacher who asked the class to raise their hand if they wanted a $20 bill. All of them raised their hand. She crumpled it up and asked who wants it now. All hands were still up. She put it on the ground and stepped on it. Still everyone wanted it. She asked if it were full of mud, rained on, and torn would you still want it. Everyone of course did. The lesson is, no matter what happens to you. No matter who calls you what, pushes you down, and slanders you, that does not change your worth. Know your worth. The kids in that class knew that the money’s value hadn’t changed even though the outer appearance of the money had. Use the lessons in life to shape you, not define you.