Change your energy. Change your future.

We all have issues we are dealing with in our lives. For some, it’s money, relationships, work atmosphere, loneliness, lack of focus, or whatever you can think of. We all have obstacles that we face. I truly believe these obstacles shape us, mold us into better individuals if we allow it. I used to dread conflict. I still do, but I try to handle it differently. I try to see it differently. Instead of seeing it as bad, I see it as a necessary part of life. We can’t move through life without conflict. Conflict can force us to wake up and move into a direction we may not have gone in. I look at change as positive. Some days dealing with change can make me so incredibly drained mentally. How I recharge is by being alone. I love sitting in my bed with all my covers and fluffy pillows. I love watching a show or two¬†without any expectations being cast upon me. Another way I recharge is by singing my ass off alone in the car. I get some of my best thinking done in the car. This morning I started baking pumpkin bread. My daughter and I went on a baking shopping spree last night. It was so fun just to laugh and be goofy with her. There are problems in my life, but my kids are the ones that help me through them. I am so incredibly grateful that I have them. Embrace life. Create yourself! It’s a beautiful thing!