It’s been 3 weeks…

So this is week 3 of my disconnection from social media. I can tell you that my laundry is caught up, my floors look clean, the kids have gotten creative dinners, and my house is getting in order. I have realized through actual feelings of joy, just how much of a drain Facebook was. I love having a more private life. Is this the way life was before Facebook? Seriously, enjoy actual life. These are the moments that give us joy and count. Life on social media is fake, super fake. WE have all spent so many hours looking at other people’s lives and not building our own. I challenge you to take time off FB and other social media outlets. It is hard at first, just like changing any addiction. I promise you, the more you are forced to see others and interact with others face to face, you will realize just how better off you are in your own life without all the unnecessary distractions. You have everything to gain by making memories here and now. Give yourself the gift of joy!


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