Why are the girls older than 10 in Pakistan not going to school?

My trip abroad opened my eyes to many things. I went with my friend and I was introduced to his family. As I spoke with many teenage girls, I noticed that the age in which they stopped going to school was 10. Why is this happening? What is the purpose of taking them out of school? I was really puzzled. The more girls I spoke with, the more I realized this is the normal. After speaking in depth with these girls, I discovered that they all wanted and desired to be educated. The age of the girls I was speaking with was between 15-19 years. I also discovered that most of their moms had never ever been to school. The breakdown in the educational system for girls in Pakistan was really saddening to me. These girls are spending their time at home cleaning and taking care of household chores as opposed to going to school. This is a huge problem in my opinion. There are two aspects to this problem. The parents need to speak up for their daughters and send them to school and the government of Pakistan needs to step up and invest money in these girls and send them to school. The cycle of not educating women is robbing the Pakistani society of women who can make a huge difference in their community. Women are special. They are the heart of the home, they are compassionate, and they are capable of changing this world if given the opportunity. I am American. I am not saying we have the best educational system because we don’t. However, the importance of being in school is a federal law. You have to go to school or there are consequences with the authorities as being truant. The parents are held responsible as well as the child. Education is a right and an essential component of a functioning society. Women should not just be looked at as housewives and mothers but rather as the valuable investment that is essential to an advancing society. Every person deserves to be taught and given knowledge. Education and information is not just for boys and men. Please help me change the way Pakistan educates their women by raising awareness and being the voice of change for Pakistani women.


Travel! Travel! Travel! Open your mind!

Ever since I was a young child, I have always pictured myself as a world traveler. Sometimes in life, we take a different route and have other priorities that need to get taken care of first. The older I get, the more I realize that I cannot give up on myself. When I was in Dubai a couple weeks ago, I was at a cricket tournament, it was evening and the moon was out. I took the time to observe the moon. What I discovered immediately was that the moon was lit up differently. As I stared at it, I asked a couple of other people if they noticed how the moon was lit up. No oneĀ  really noticed it was different. The moon was lit up from the bottom and not from the left side like I see in Minnesota. I was extremely grateful to God for allowing me to see this. I was grateful that at that point in time, I was somewhere far away from where my world resides. My mind was opened with just this little tiny observation of the moon. I have always known that there is so much in this world to discover. The moon lit differently convinced me there is so much to discover and I need to discover and experience so much more than I realize. We are apart of this huge world. Our small impacts we make are colossal to the people we impact. Keep on traveling and discovering. You never know, the person you may impact the most just may be yourself!


Dubai moon lit up from the bottom.


Are you a victim?!

I’ve been up all night because where I was it was day. I still haven’t recovered from the traveling time difference. So, anyway, I’m dancing and cleaning listening to up beat music. I keep having these thoughts run through my mind. You are only a victim if you choose to be. No one can take away your strength without you allowing it. Why would you allow someone to bully you through horrible tactics? This can be applied to many areas of life. Stand up! Be brave! Be strong! You got this! There is only strength in hope. The brain is an interesting part of the body. I read through some of my past blogs and it hit me again that I am listening to myself. Say strong and say and think positive things. Think the direction you need to be going in. Don’t look back! Life is full of double edged swords! Only move forward! Here is today’s sunrise picture! Thank you God for letting me see it!!sunrisep