We all are in this world together. We all have different opinions and beliefs. No matter what we believe or how we show God we love him, we need to respect everyone around us. We can learn a lot by listening to other people and taking the time to learn why they believe what they believe. Actions truly speak louder than words. I am going through some family issues right now and I have really gotten the opportunity to see the true colors behind certain people. We all encounter rough times in our lives. We will either learn from them or fail ourselves by becoming a horrible person. Remember there are many things we cannot control in this world. One of those things is other people. We can however, control ourselves. The sun is still going to rise and set everyday. The people around us can make us feel awful at times. What are you going to do? Are you going to let it destroy you or are you going to get creative and rise above it? I have been put to the test recently and I have become more and more trusting in God. The peace that praying and trusting God has brought me, is unimaginable. I have driven myself deep in strategic thinking, creative ways to assert myself, and unconventional ways to jump off the entrepreneurial cliff. This is scary in a way, but very exciting at the same time. I had my smile taken from me a few years ago through a condition called Bell’s Palsey.   I cried, I yelled, and I put my condition in God’s hands. I learned I have a lot to offer and I am not just a face. I didn’t understand my value fully until it was taken from me. 5 days later. my smile returned. My perspective changed and my value in my mind was more realized. God teaches lessons to us that he knows we need to learn. WE are not in this world alone. WE are here to help others. The more I am pushed to my limits. the more I try to make a difference. The world is a large place. yet it is so small. We can be across the world in a matter of hours. My suggestion is to get acquainted with as many cultures as possible. Respect them and learn from them. Step out of your box. My problems seem so big at the time, but I know that I will not die from them. I know that others are suffering more than I am. The only thing we own is our actions. We do not own our kids or other people. God has entrusted me with my children. I know that I need to do what I can to take care of them. We are all on our own path. We are all learning important lessons for us individually to learn. Do not compare yourself with others. Do not wish you were someone else. You are unique. You are important. There isn’t another you in this world. You have special things to offer this world. Now make mark on this world. It is all about perspective. Who do you want to see in the mirror?


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