The day I died……

We all go through significant changes in our lives. It’s not easy going through a transition. I used to think of myself and see myself a certain way. As I go through this transition, I realized something about myself. I realized I am not the person that I want to be. Life takes us through ups and downs. Through those ups and downs we learn how much we can handle, we learn our strengths, and we learn our weaknesses. There will be many people in this world that will try to knock you down. There are going to be people who are jealous of you or simply angry at you and try to hurt you in someway, whether it be on social media or to the face of somebody else. Regardless of what people try to do to you or say about you, remember who you are. Be true to yourself. Who do you want to be? Awhile ago I chose to allow my old self to die so I could build a new self and create a new self that I know I want to be. Our situations do not define us they either build us up or they could tear us down. My dad said something interesting to me, he said you can only be torn down if you allow them to do it. I used to think this world is about finding who you are but it really is about creating who you are. We are all born with certain gifts and talents. Discovering what those talents and gifts are and building upon those is important. It takes significant ups and downs in one’s life to discover what those talents are. Many of us go through life thinking negatively about ourselves because we allow other people’s thinking to get in the way of our own thinking. Do not allow somebody to define who you are. Do not give them that power. Every day we are given a new opportunity to do something great and make up for what we’ve done wrong. Each and everyone of us deserves to be happy. Remember that you are important. There’s so many things in this world that are happening to other people, you are not alone in having ups and downs. I’ve said many times that a piece of coal that goes through significant pressure becomes a beautiful one-of-a-kind diamond. Your soul is precious and God created that soul out of love for you. The ups and downs you experience in life are creating and forging your soul. You will be stronger and you will get through everything that you’re going through. Don’t give up because if you give up you will never know what could’ve been. 


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