Punch fear in the face…

In my last post I talked about reinventing myself. One of my greatest fears was public speaking. I would think about how I project myself to my audience, how it looked to them, how they perceive to me, and what I looked like physically speaking. My fear of myself and of being myself tripped me up and every time I tried to speak. Recently, my boyfriend, told me to make videos for his nonprofit organization. The first set of videos were really rough. I could barely make it through 20 seconds. All I kept thinking about was what I was going to say as I was speaking and in the process of thinking about what I was trying to say,  I forgot to connect me to my audience. As soon as I allowed myself to be me on camera and not worry about my physical appearance, I started to get better and better in these videos. These videos were no longer about how I perceive myself to my audience. These videos were about the information I was trying to get out to them. The information came from my heart and I truly wholeheartedly believed in what I was saying. When we go through life being ourselves and being genuine to others, we become the true authentic person we should show the world we are. We all learn valuable lessons in our lives and I truly believe we are better off sharing it with others so they can learn from our mistakes and from what we’ve learned. This life is about helping others, getting as much out of it as we possibly can, and we can’t do that if we aren’t willing to give 1000% of our true self to the world. If you’re going to do something wonderful, go big. The only person stopping you from doing what you need to do is you. The brain is an amazing thing and if you allow your fear to stop you from achieving great things, you are missing out in life. No matter what has happened to you and your life, no matter what other people have said about you, no matter what you think people see you as, it is up to you if you are going to better yourself and take responsibility for your own thinking. Throw away the garbage you think about yourself. Negative thoughts should not live in your brain. Do not allow anyone the power to make you feel inferior. 


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