Creative minds are a little bit crazy!

Dare to be crazy, dare to dream, put it into action, and watch it fly! This life is a lot of hard work and the people out there that think they can change the world, will change the world. I truly believe you have to be a little bit crazy to have such wild thoughts and put them into action. It’s hard being told no all the time. Forge forward and stick with your vision. Believe in yourself. It takes thick skin or at least growing thick skin to be able to do this. When I stopped taking things so personally, although sometimes I do take things personally, I stopped caring about the negative noise in this world and in my head. I started to realize I was worth something. Like I’ve stated before and in other posts there are going to be people that are jealous of you and people that are the “negative Nelly’s” that will keep telling you know you can’t do this. Don’t listen to them. Do yourself a favor and continue to move forward with your vision. Not everyone sees like you do. I’m here to tell you that’s a good thing. I used want to be like everybody else, but now I’m happy I’m not. Every person in this world is unique and has a unique talent or skill. Dare to be different. The greatest inventors of this world were told they couldn’t do things. Steve Jobs is a great example of this. I read the book about him and I’ll tell you I learned a lot that I didn’t know before. He was very eccentric and out there with his ideas. He was unconventional in his thoughts-processes,  his actions, and a little crazy. He had vision and passion. As I look at what happened to Apple recently with their sales declining, my personal opinion is the company is dying because the founder died. Nobody sees Apple the way Steve did. You can’t buy passion. His passion for his company showed in his inventions and the way he marketed them. So go into this world, be unique. Show this world everything you’ve got to offer. Love yourself and most of all believe in yourself.


4 thoughts on “Creative minds are a little bit crazy!

  1. A little insight of mine to this beautiful piece of inspiration: Sometimes the creative minds are put through so much they lose their creativity for the time being. Don’t let that put you down..stand back up and believe in your creativity.


    1. In my life I’ve allowed others to extinguish my light. I say the keyword allow because I’ve realized no one can do that unless I allow it. I believe I’ve allowed it because I didn’t have much belief or value in myself. I heard once, and it’s always stuck with me, that a candle that lights other candles doesn’t lose anything, but it shares its light and invokes the light in the other candles. I’ve tried to equate that to smiles, when you smile at somebody they gain feelings and you gain feelings but you don’t lose anything you actually gain something. When you allow somebody to extinguish your own light, it’s very hard to get that back, but when you do, it’s going to be brighter than it ever has been before. Have a wonderful day and please share my blog. I appreciate your comments.

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      1. That is so true. What we do with our light depends on us. Unfortunately sometimes the external factors are so strong, we cannot make a move towards freedom.
        Your blog is awesome, I will share it 🙂

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      2. I agree about the external factors. I’ve had that happen to me in my life and I felt so buried. Through that tragedy I was able to recognize the importance of myself, my worth, and what I have to give this world. Thank you for sharing my blog I appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

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