Let them talk.

I’ve learned no matter what I do in life, I can only control myself. I used to defend myself to the ends of the Earth when someone would say something untrue of me. Now I’m starting to learn not to waste my energy. Plain and simple, who gives a fuck! If you spend your energy, like I used to do(sometimes still do) you will drive yourself insane. You will be miserable. Do not allow others to drag you through the mud. You are worth more than they say you are. The one caveat to that is, you have to believe that you have worth. If someone says you are not good, let them. You don’t have to prove or justify anything to them. I instantly want to defend myself when this happens. If you try, they pull you in to their shit. Then you become instantly miserable. Just breathe, stay quiet, and continue to live a life that has value. Let them gossip because at the end of the day, they are the miserable ones. 


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